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Five Steps to Create a Stunning Home Cinema Room in Your House

Anybody who desires to build a classic and stunning home theatre room (or cinema room) should listen to the home cinema design experts who have the knowledge and experience needed to do such work or advise those who want to do it. Prepare and plan properly if you want to succeed setting up such a room. Get all the basics right and you will succeed in setting up a cinema room of your dreams!

Below are the five steps you have to follow to create your cinema room.


Size of the Screen 

It’s hard to choose any size of screen without looking at other factors. The size of the screen depends on the measurements of the room. To most people, however, a home cinema should be at least 100in in size. Buy a screen size that fits your room without making it appear tinier or extra big. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the distance between the screen and seats.

Proper Seating

Even with the right size of screen, your ability to enjoy watching movies in the cinema room will depend on proper seating, or lack thereof. The shape of the room determines the seating arrangement. The space determines the number of seats you can set up in this room. The arrangement of the seats depends on the kind of family you also have.

Arranging the Speakers

The home theater or cinema room is all about amplified sound to recreate that cinema experience. You will be guaranteed mind-blowing sound if you arrange the speakers correctly. Front channels of the speakers should be behind the acoustic-transparent projector screens. Sub-woofers should be at the front too.

Use the rear channels for:

  1. surrounds
  2. surround wide
  3. rears
  4. heights

Install two surround speakers in each row to provide the same listening experience in the room.


Decorating the Room

Decorate the room the way you want it. You have the license and freedom to do whatever pleases you. Exercise this freedom well while adhering to the handful of technical elements that govern decoration of home theater rooms. Some of these elements include:

  • cutting down on reflections
  • using carpets instead of wooden floors, which affects the acoustics



Most people prefer using their home theatre room with minimal lighting. But, having ambient lighting is crucial for easy movement within the room. The lighting should mostly be at the back of the room and far away from the end where the screen is.

Follow these tips and you will have no problem building up a home theatre room where you can sit and enjoy watching movies with your friends and loved ones. The home cinema room is a great place for the entire family to spend time together. If you need help setting up your home cinema, contact home cinema room specialists Custom Controls.


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