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3 Carpet Removal Tips

Freshly installed carpeting can look great in a home, but it does not last forever. Over time, the carpet may become dingy, stained or torn and need to be removed. Many people hire contracting companies to come in and perform the work, but homeowners can choose to do the removal themselves. They should be prepared to devote enough time and labor to complete the job and have a plan in place for the new floor.

  1. Have a New Floor Plan

Before removing any of the carpet, it is a good idea to have a solid plan for the new floor. Cut out or peel back a small section of the carpet to see what is underneath. It is commonly installed on top of hardwood floors, so it is possible that a service specializing in floor polishing Manhattan NY can come in after the carpet has been removed to refinish the surface.

  1. Set Aside Enough Time

Removing carpet from a floor is not usually a quick task. The carpet and padding may stick to the floor and require extra effort to remove. All of the removed carpet will need to be hauled out to a dumpster or a curb. The homeowner should be prepared to use good time management skills when planning and carrying out the job.

  1. Be Prepared For Physical Labor

When a carpet is installed, it may be stapled or glued to the floor. Removing materials that have been glued to a floor will take a lot of scraping and sanding. Carpet and padding are heavy, so carting sections around may not be easy. It is a good idea for homeowners to pace themselves.

Replacing carpeting with something new is a fantastic way to freshen up the entire look of a home. Research what will be needed before beginning and make sure that the project can be completed in the set time frame. Talk to an expert for advice as needed and enjoy the new look of the space.



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