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3 Hidden Dangers That May Be Lurking in Your Home

You work hard to keep your home clean and safe. Sometimes, though, there are hidden dangers that you can’t see. They permeate the air, linger on surfaces and lurk within furniture and bedding. Identifying these hidden dangers is the first step in getting rid of them, and knowing what to look for makes it much easier to accomplish. Here are three common hazards that you might find throughout your house.

  1. Mold Spores

his is a more common problem than you might think and, with increased storms and incidences of flooding, it is only likely to get bigger. According to the CDC, a serious mold infestation can usually be seen or smelled. However, even a minor problem can cause health issues in susceptible people. If anyone in your family is regularly experiencing symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose and respiratory irritation after spending time indoors, schedule a mold inspection Portland to determine if that is the cause.

  1. Lead Paint

Homes built before 1978 may have some level of lead paint in them, and the likelihood increases in even older homes. If it is in good condition and maintained carefully, lead paint can be perfectly safe. However, young children or pets who might be likely to eat a pair chip or put a painted object in their mouths can easily become exposed to unsafe levels of the heavy metal. If you have an older home and you are planning any renovations, the EPA recommends using a certified lead-safe contractor.

  1. Dust Mites

Most homes have dust mites in them. These tiny insects live in warm, moist areas and feed off of dead skin cells. They are most commonly found in mattresses, where they have both the heat and food necessary for survival. While they don’t bite or sting, they are a significant contributor to indoor allergies and asthma symptoms. Learn how to minimize those effects with preventative measures.

Knowing what is in your home makes getting rid of it easier, and mold, lead and dust mites are among the most common household contaminants.


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