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3 Home Heating Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

When you get out of bed on a cold morning, your first inclination might be to turn up the heat. With energy prices on the rise, however, many individuals are seeking low-cost alternatives to keep warm. Here are some tried-and-true tips that will help turn up your home’s temperature, but not your electric bill.

Bubble Barrier

Hopefully, you have been able to avoid the temptation of popping those air pockets on your unused bubble wrap. That’s because it makes a perfect protective layer when placed over windows. It helps prevent air leaks, but the thickness also helps to trap warm air inside your home.

Insultation Inspiration

One of the leading factors in a home’s inability to stay warm in winter – or cool in summer – is improper or under-insulation. Adding insulation is an effective way to keep treated air inside the home. Whether in summer or winter, you’ll feel much more comfortable, and happier once you see the positive effect it has on your electricity bill, after hiring a professional to install spray foam insulation inside walls Chalfont PA or in your area.

Filter Follow-Through

Replacing an HVAC system’s air filter is a key component of home maintenance. Keeping the filter clean and fresh puts less stress on the unit, thereby extending its life and helping it to more effectively heat or cool the home. The benefits don’t stop there, however, as you’ll also experience lower energy costs and an overall improvement in air quality. It is recommended to replace filters at least every three months, although the interval could be much shorter when using lower quality filters or in homes with pets, small children or allergy sufferers.

It may be cold outside, but you can still stay warm without breaking the bank. Try these tips to raise the temperature, not your bills.


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