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4 Hidden Hazards in Your Home

People are spending more time at home these days. Even if you clean your home regularly and take basic safety precautions, there may be hidden dangers lurking out of sight. Learn about common hidden safety risks so you can better prevent them from becoming a problem in your home.

  1. Clogged Dryer Hoses

Clogged dryer vents are a serious hazard in your home. Even if you clean out the in-drum filter, the majority of lint goes out through the vent hose. This should be cleaned properly on a regular basis. HVAC professionals that do air duct cleaning Jacksonville FL have the tools to help clean out your vent and ensure it is safe.

  1. Improper Venting on Gas Appliances

Gas appliances produce carbon monoxide as they run. This must be vented to the outside of your home to avoid serious harm. Carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless and colorless, yet incredibly dangerous. Early symptoms of CO poisoning may feel like a mild case of the flu with headaches, nausea, confusion and weakness. Early detection is critical because it is fatal. Install a CO detector in your home and change the batteries regularly.

  1. Fireplaces and Woodstoves

Fireplaces also pose a risk. In addition to producing CO, they can lead to fires and serious burns. The next time you snuggle up in front of a roaring fire, consider the last time you ahs the chimney cleaned and inspected. if it has been more than a year, schedule one before you light another fire.

  1. Ground Contaminants

Contaminants in the ground can get into your home in several ways. Gasses, like radon, can seep into basements and permeate the air. Others, like lead and arsenic, can seep into groundwater and poison your drinking water. Purchase test kits to be sure your home is safe and free from contaminants common to your area.

There are risks in every home. Knowing what to look for and taking preventative action can help ensure your family stays safe.

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