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5 Ways to Add Style to Your Home Gym

Your home gym should be made so it specifically fits your needs. Alt text: bounce ball and little weights on a home rug.

How many times have you said you will go to the gym, but you ended up staying home? I am sure it has happened. To some of us, this might happen more often than to others, but nobody is totally immune to staying at home at least once in a while instead of hitting the gym. So, what can be a solution? Well, it is easy! Put together a home gym and have access to your gym with a few easy steps within your own home. Your home gym should be stylish and inviting, just like another room in your home. Here is how you can make that happen.

Why do you need a home gym?

There are many benefits that you can have from your home gym. For starters, you do not need to waste time traveling. Sometimes that is the only obstacle when planning to hit the gym. When having a gym in your own home you save a lot of time just by not traveling back and forth. Also, having your own privacy is a great benefit. You do not have to listen to strangers’ conversations nor do you need to wait your turn to use some equipment. There are no opening hours, and everything can be set up just the way you like. What can be better than a gym, tailor-made for your needs? In case you need more fitness inspiration, visit dubaipt.com.

Make your home gym into your personal fitness cave

Now that you understand the benefits of having your own gym, you will be more motivated to style it up. So, if you are decorating your bedroom to look fancy, why wouldn’t you do the same with your workout space? What we are about to do is give you a few tips on how to make your gym irresistible, so you would spend more time in it. The equipment that you buy is also very important but that is truly based on your needs and wants, and it differs from one person to another buy a mile. Yet, what is crucial the time spent in this special room within your home.

Invest in equipment that you truly plan to use. Alt text: little blue dumbbells and blue sneakers.

Get some soft towels

If you are really into working out at some point you will be sweating bullets. Of course, you will need a towel at hand. What can be better than a fresh clean towel during and after your grilling workout? Your best bet would be to buy identical towels (the best color is white), let’s say a dozen and use them only at your home gym. You can roll them and stack them on a little shelf or a little basket. In addition to that you can always get a little laundry basket and keep it handy, so you can just toss the dirty towel away once you are done with it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fittest of us all?

A full mirror wall is exactly what you need in your home gym. In case you can’t do a full wall, do a partial full-length mirror. Looking in the mirror is truly the easiest way to follow your form while exercising. Remember the days when somebody at the gym would just step in front of you and use your mirror space while you were exercising? Well no more! Now you can have your own mirror. Adding this little detail to a room can make you fall in love with your home even more.

If you are looking for a cardio machine for your home gym, a stationary bike might be a great option for you. Alt text: many stationary bikes at a gym.

Add some type of entertainment

The last thing you should be feeling during your workout is boredom. Nobody likes a monotone and uninteresting workout. To spice up your time at your home gym add some media outlet to this space. If you have a TV in a different room that you barely use, it would be a great idea to rip the TV off that wall and transfer it to the gym. Also, if watching TV and working out is not your thing, maybe you can focus on music. Get a dock station that will only be used at the gym. So, put on some Ariana Grande and start burning that extra weight.

Rubber floors

There are many kinds of floors that your home might have, and it is not very likely it will be made up of rubber. Rubber floors will give your home gym that additional fitness vibe that you were looking for. Plus, they are easy to clean, the most durable (when you drop your kettlebell) and it doesn’t soak up liquids like water and sweat.

Purchasing a set of dumbbells will give you the option to do a big variety of exercises. Alt text: silver dumbbells racked on a shelf.

Don’t forget to hydrate

If you are like everybody else, you went to the gym and forgot your water bottle countless times. Add a cooler to your home gym and never worry about it again. For instance, you can get a small white fridge and stock it with water, Powerade or any other workout beverage that you prefer. Of course, there are many other kinds of coolers that you can buy, that look a lot fancier and cooler. Your choice really depends on your budget.

One con when exercising in your home gym

Working out at home has many benefits, like privacy, no gym fees and many other things that are a plus. However, there is one little thing missing. There are no trainers around to help you. If you were at some point an athlete or a seasoned gym rat this is not a problem. But if you are a rookie at the gym, you might want to think about hiring some assistance. Find a trainer who can help you get fit and teach you the proper way to perform exercises. Being unknowledgeable at the gym can sometimes cause serious consequences, so make sure you know what you are doing.

By now you have learned everything you need to style up your home gym. Once you are done with it, you will become a true gym rat. In case you cannot make all the changes at once do not worry and do not give up before you even started. Buy one thing at a time and slowly but surely make your perfect home gym a dream come true.

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