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Easy Ways to Brighten up Your Living Space

The dark, gloomy days of winter are over—it is time to bring back shine and luster to your home.

There are easy, affordable ways to refresh your home for the new season. For summer, you may want to make some changes to brighten up your living spaces and invite the outdoors in. Besides creating a fun, refreshing feel, brightening up your home makes it look cleaner and bigger. Follow these 5 easy decor tips to achieve a brighter home:

Choose the right paint

Repainting is an easy, affordable way to transform your home for the new season. All you have to do is choose the right paint color. If you want your living spaces to look lighter and more relaxing, consider painting your walls and ceilings with shades of white or pastels.

Let as much sunlight in

In summer, take advantage of the sunlight that enters through your doors and windows to brighten up your home and save energy. Increased natural light during the day will help you save energy on artificial lighting. To maximize natural light in your home, keep your windows clean and remove items that block the light in your house.

Decorate with mirrors

Another simple yet effective way to create more space and light in a room is to decorate it with mirrors. Mirrors open up space and reflect any light coming into the room. Correct placement is important when using mirrors to brighten up space. You should place mirrors opposite or next to a window.

Trim your yard trees

If there is only little light coming into your room during the day, the trees outside may be to blame. Consider trimming your trees and bushes. You can always ask the professionals to do the job for you if you lack the necessary skills and equipment. Tree trimming in summer can also improve your home’s curb appeal.

Improve indoor comfort with an AC upgrade this summer

When refreshing your home for summer, make sure not to forget about your air conditioning system. During the hot summer months, you usually rely on your AC to keep your home cool and comfortable. Thus, it is very important to schedule a system repair and tune-up before the cooling season starts. To answer your air conditioning needs at home, hire a professional AC repair Austin. Get in touch with the pros now!

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