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Home Renovations To Take On in the New Year

You may have put aside your plans for home renovation projects, but the new year is the ideal time to fulfill your resolutions and begin remodeling. Remodeling can create a unique atmosphere in your home and increase your property value. If you’re inexperienced with construction projects, you may have to hire contractors to renovate your home. However, you can complete some of the less complicated tasks yourself and save a bundle of money. The following sections include tips on three of the most common renovation projects.


Depending on the crew’s size, professional painters can prep and paint several rooms in a day. If you want your home painted fast, an experienced paint company is your best option. By painting the rooms yourself, you only have to pay for paint and supplies. Since gallons of paint range from $28 to $50, you could spend between $84 and $150 (not including brushes and equipment) on a room depending on its size. That may sound like a lot, but you’d spend at least three times as much hiring a company. You can enlist your family’s help on the project and complete the job at a steady pace.

Kitchen Renovations

You can spend several thousands of dollars on a new kitchen, but you can save money by completing minor renovations. Instead of ordering new cabinets, you can paint your old ones a new color. You can also hang new shelves or lay the flooring to save a little more. For extensive kitchen remodeling, it’s best to hire a professional contractor like general construction Maui.

Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom renovations can be expensive if you plan to move tubs or toilets to another location without pre-existing plumbing. Rather than replacing your toilet, you can purchase a new tank lid, seat and lever. Grimy, worn-out faucets and knobs can easily be replaced with new models to give your bathroom a refined look.

Your family will appreciate a new look to your home, and you can lower your expenses by completing some of the simple tasks by yourself.

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