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How to dismount a TV from a wall

Mounting a TV on a wall does a great job at making it all safe but its elongated procedure might make TV dismounting seem harder than it actually is. That’s certainly not true. You can have professionals dismount it for you but it is actually not hard to do it yourself either. Follow these steps if you wish to undo the TV mounts:

  1. Remove all cords attached to the TV

Pull out the cable wire and also make sure to remove any other, like game console cables.

  1. Remove safety locks

Not all but some TV mounts do have locks. These may be locks with keys that come with the mounts, or they may be flip locks or siding bars. You would have to remove them before you can dismount.

  1. Tilt the TV

Gently try to tilt the bottom of the TV forward so that the top touches the wall. If it does not budge, it would have safety locks or screws holding it in place.

  1. Remove the screws or strings

If there are strings or screws attaching it to the bracket, they now need to be removed in order to dismount the TV completely off the wall. Remove the screws and in case of strings, pull on them.

  1. Separate the TV from the wall brackets

In case of strings attaching the TV to the wall, if they are not removed right after pulling, they may engage again. Pull at the string and lightly move the TV away from the wall. Keep it that way by the help of a partner. After removing all screws or strings, lift the TV off the mount.

  1. Set aside the TV

Now make sure to place the TV safe on some place so that the back is facing upwards. You do not want to scratch the screen so it would be wise to place it face-down on a cloth or a soft bed sheet.

  1. Remove the mount pieces on the back of the TV

The mounts on the back of the TV are always attached by four screws. Once you have taken the TV off the wall and laid it down, then comes the easy part. Unscrew the mounts to remove them completely off the TV.

  1. Remove the mount pieces attached to the wall

Unscrew the mount pieces on the wall the same way you did the rest and gently pull them off. It is not too hard a task and the screws come out easily. If you do not plan on refinishing the wall you just dismounted the TV from, you must ensure that you do this step with care.

Your TV is now completely off to be moved to any other place you want.

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