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How to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious?

How many times after looking at interior design magazines or movies have you desired to have a bedroom just as luxurious and comfortable? Most of the time, budget constraints can make this dream a little less achievable but that need not always be the case. Read on as we discuss the different ways in which you can make your bedroom look luxurious.

Making Your Bedroom Luxurious Tip #1: Focus on Your Bed

It’s only logical for you to first take into account the bed in your bedroom to add that expensive touch. Consider the components that make your bed: a mattress, a few pillows, comforter or quilt, and bed linen.

Firstly, if your mattress looks dated, you should immediately change it. Not only will it help to improve the look of your bedroom, but it can also make sleeping comfortable for you. In fact, you can even buy a mattress to suit your sleeping style like a mattress for side sleepers, and so on.

The next tip would be to incorporate a lot of pillows on your bed. You might have also noticed how in five-star hotels, they layer the pillows quite well. Place the pillows on which you sleep against the bedhead and then overlay it with decorative cushions or smaller pillows. You can also play with colors and prints to make them stand out more.

Moving onto the bed linens, try to opt for sheets that are either cream, beige, or white in color. Solid or pastel shades tend to look more aesthetically pleasing and also give an illusion of a larger room. If you want to add more personality, you can always opt for a floral or geometric-printed comforter. Trust us when we tell you that change will be instantaneous.

Making Your Bedroom Luxurious Tip #2: Incorporate a Lot of Fresh Plants and Flowers in Your Bedroom

Fresh plants and flowers can instantly add understated bling to your bedroom. Not only will your room smell heavenly, but it will also look the part. A lot of people think that adding greenery can be expensive when that’s not the case at all. You don’t always have to opt for exotic flowers or non-native plants; just stick to the foliage or flowers that are abundant in the season and place them in crystal flower vases or pots. You can make more of a statement by using printed or quirky pots. This is actually quite inexpensive as well.

Place these bits of greenery on your side table, dresser, the windowsill, or maybe just in the corners of your bedroom. Don’t forget to add a few drops of bleach to the vase to kill any bacteria to increase the longevity of the flowers.

Making Your Bedroom Luxurious Tip #3: Try to Highlight the Best Parts of your Bedroom

This tip is especially useful in case you are on a tight budget. Most of the time, there are certain points in our bedroom that, if accentuated properly, can add that necessary touch of posh. If you have laminate flooring, longer windows, or a textured wall—make that the focus of the room.

If you want, you can try to add these features to your bedroom as well to increase the luxury quotient. Remember before you highlight any part, figure out whether the design will complement the vibe of the room or not.

Making Your Bedroom Luxurious Tip #4: Repair or Remove Any Unnecessary or Broken Items

If you want your room to look luxurious, you have to make sure that there is nothing broken or unnecessary in your room. After all, that is not how the rich live; they either replace or repair.

Your aim should be able to separate good clutter from bad clutter. While this may sound ironic, it will make sense once you listen to us.

You see, there might be people who enjoy reading magazines, books, or simply enjoy random showpieces around the room. This is considered good clutter as it adds to the personality of the room. Whereas dirty clothes, last week’s newspaper, opened pizza boxes, jumbled electrical cords, etc. are bad clutter.

You can organize the good clutter by putting the books in a bookcase, keeping the magazines properly on the center table or your nightstand—the bad clutter should be removed from the room or reorganized. You will soon see that after doing this, your bedroom will look more spacious which will automatically make it look more elegant.

Making Your Bedroom Luxurious Tip #5: Hang Various Pieces of Artwork

If you were to carefully analyze the design of any luxury bedroom, you have to find a piece of art somewhere in the mix. Art is synonymous with luxury—it always has been. You can add drama and opulence to your room by redistributing artworks on the wall.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and opt for a more statement or edgy piece. In fact, the bolder and interesting it is, the better! Just be careful to not end up buying tacky art which does nothing to make the bedroom look better.

Making Your Bedroom Luxurious Tip #6: Hang Ceiling to Floor Curtains and Drapes

You might have already noticed that most interior decoration magazines have really long curtains and drapes. This is because the long length instantly makes the room look posher while giving your room an illusion of more height. Even if you do not have ceiling to floor windows, make sure that the drapes are on the longer side.

Stick to either solid colors or sophisticated patterns when it comes to selecting the designs for your curtains and drapes.

Finally, we have listed the top five tips that can help you transform your bedroom into a more luxurious version. Before you incorporate any heavy changes to your bedroom, think it through. You have to select elements that complement the overall setting of your bedroom. This is, of course, for situations where you are only changing select portions of your living space.

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