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How to Make Your Fireplace Mantel Stand Out

One of the classic aspects of every home is the fireplace. For thousands of years, the fireplace has always been a symbol of the warmth that the home provides, from Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth, to all the Christmas films that depict bonding around the fireplace as an essential part of the holiday tradition.

Even with the advent of technology and the increasing recognition of the unsustainability of some fireplaces, many still opt to have a fireplace in their homes. In fact, a popular option is an electric fireplace, which aims to mimic traditional wood-burning fireplaces. However, there is plenty of room for customizing the mantel.

The mantel, which refers to the decorative framework that surrounds the fireplace, is one of the most important considerations when installing a fireplace. There are many designs to go around, from classical to French styles to contemporary and modern looks. The design of the mantel can truly determine how your fireplace will look like, as well as the mood that it generates.

Here are some ways to make your French fireplace mantel stand out among others:

Provide a contrast with other surroundings

One way to make your fireplace more prominent and noticeable is to employ the use of contrast. For example, you could have a vintage-looking fireplace mantel amidst a room that is designed with a contemporary look.

At the same time, you could also create a focal point that will draw attention to the mantel. This could mean having the mantel in a different color from the rest of the room. This way, people’s attention will naturally be drawn to the fireplace.

Enhance your home’s theme

Conversely, you could also make your fireplace mantel complement the theme of your home, especially if your surroundings are uniquely designed. For example, if you have designed the room to have a rustic look, you could use materials that look like they are from the woods. You can also use decorations that match the theme, such as vintage photos or paintings, and simple flowers to have the fireplace be in harmony with the rest of the room.

Exhibit what makes you unique

Most of the time, people use their fireplace mantels to display what makes them proudest. Whether it be family photographs or a special collection that you wish to show off, this is a great opportunity to distinguish your fireplace mantel from all the rest. Not only will these add some decorations to what would otherwise be empty space, but they will also give the room — and your home in general — an extra bit of personality.

Incorporate shelves

If you find yourself short on space at home, you could always have shelves installed beneath the mantel and beside the fireplace itself. This way, you are able to make use of the empty space and treat the shelves as an extension to the mantel, displaying similar items, and having the shelves follow a similar theme. This is particularly useful for modern electric or gas-powered fireplaces that may otherwise look out of place.

Last but definitely not least, some might opt for the minimalist approach, having little to no decorations on or surrounding the mantel. Sometimes, simplicity is a design in itself, and this may even bring an aura of class and sophistication into your home. If you want to keep it classy, going for a simple design is the best way.

Meta Title: Decorating Tips to Make Your Fireplace Mantel Stand Out

Meta Description: The fireplace is typically the center of any living room, which is why the design of the mantel is incredibly important to the overall look of your home.


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