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Increase Home Appeal While Creating More Space for Hosting

Our home is more than just a building, it is a hub of activity. Families, couples, and individuals all use their house for many different reasons but often times it becomes a place used for gatherings. Parties, cookouts, club meetings, fantasy sports groups, are just a few common reasons guests come over. In order to make a space more welcoming to these types of events, there are many construction projects that can be extremely useful while also adding to a home’s resale value.

Backyard Additions

In the spring and summer, or all year depending on where the home is located, outdoor gatherings are a must. Not only does it minimalize the mess, but it also provides more space for guests and allows room for many activities. A covered space like backyard pavilions is ideal for many purposes. They can be customized to fit any space. Typically, they go over a patio, porch, or concrete pad. Pavilions provide shade and protection from inclement weather. Grills, seating, firepits, and more can be placed under the pavilion to make it more of a welcoming space. They also add to the home’s appeal and resale value.

Create an Open Space

Sometimes a home is set up to maximize the number of rooms rather than considering the functionality of each area. If the dining room, living room, or basement is cut in half by a wall there is a very simple solution to enlarging a room. Knocking down the wall will take a small, enclosed area and make it much bigger. Then there will be more room for extra chairs, tables, and, of course, guests.

Kitchen Remodel

Where there is food people will follow. The kitchen draws people in and becomes the central focus in many homes. It can also be a great room for groups. The best part about kitchen remodels is that they are completely customizable. Opening up a closed kitchen is the first step. Next, consider an island or breakfast bar where stools can be placed for additional seating. A larger kitchen has many benefits outside of hosting. It also makes it easier to cook and bake. Additionally, there will be more room for storage and additional counter space. Best of all when everyone comes to talk to the person cooking they aren’t inconvenienced by a lack of workspace.

Hosting many gatherings, parties, groups, or meetings regularly is a wonderful thing. A home full of people is always welcoming. For those that wish to make their house friendlier to guests, there are many projects that can be completed that will provide more space all while adding to a property’s value and appeal. A pavilion offers shady coverage for outdoor gatherings of all types. Knocking down a wall to make a larger room is a simple way to create more space for hosting. Finally, remodeling a kitchen can make it more inviting and open. Guests will marvel at the changes and look forward to future gatherings.

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