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Rid Your Pond of Unwanted Weeds

A clean and inviting pond, stream or small lake can enhance the value of your property as well as provide numerous recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, your pond can become clogged and overtaken by natural or invasive water plans, rendering it a useless eyesore.

Unwanted Flora Can Take Over Your Pond

wide variety of unwanted plants can invade the water bodies on your property. Even large public lakes and rivers are not immune. In brief, unwanted water plants can be placed into several categories:

  • Algae, often accumulating as green or yellow-green pond scum.
  • Submerged Plants, including leafy pondweed, brittle naiad, curly-leaf pondweed, and Eurasian watermilfoil.
  • Floating Weeds, such as duckweed or watermeal.
  • Emergent Shoreline Plants such as cattails and bulrushes.
  • Rooted Floating Plants exemplified by water lilies, spatterdock, and water lotus.

Milfoil is a particularly pesky problem. This invasive species proliferates quickly and rapidly spreading its range. Anther obnoxious and invasive water plant, particularly in Florida, is water hyacinth, which has been termed “The worst aquatic weed in the world“.

Aquatic Weed Control

Fortunately, aquatic weed control can be provided by competent professionals. Your pond can be restored to a healthy water body fit for your family’s recreational use. The best companies will provide you with a free aquatic survey ahead of time. When choosing a lake and pond management service, find out how long they’ve been in service and what types of remediation do they perform. Ask if they employ green solutions and use cutting edge technologies. Finally, ensure that they are that they licensed and adequately insured. The best companies will have a long list of happy customers and prove this information as testimonials on their websites.

Hiring a professional weed-control expert for your pond or small lake can rejuvenate your water area. You’ll be pleased with the difference that a healthy and weed-free pond will make for your property!


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