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Shelf: how to choose the best, our ideas and suggestions

Contemporary design or atypical charm, the shelf is a real product for decoration. But first we must think about the load that will be imposed on him, and adopt a suitable German shelving systems wholesale.

Shelf models

  • The wooden shelf: The basic model of the shelves, the wooden shelf comes in many forms that can be simple or detailed by moldings. The wooden shelf can be sold with its fixing system or alone. At this time, a large selection of brackets can be installed. Be careful to choose the mounting brackets according to the maximum weight allowed by the shelf. It is also possible to cut a wooden shelf to a particular format, or even angle.
  • The metal shelf: The metalshelf is particularly popular in atypical forms. It often comes in wavy designs that fit the books. The metal shelf is also the reference for everything related to medicine cabinets.
  • The wrought iron shelf: For an authentic look, the wrought iron shelf is composed of scrolls and ornamental flourishes. It usually allows heavy loads.
  • The glass shelf: Easy to clean and rather aesthetic, the glass shelf is not able to support a lot of weight.
  • The invisible fastening shelf: Its fasteners are concealed inside the thickness of the board and are completely invisible. However, again, these shelves do not allow significant weight.

The criteria of choice

  • The resistance: Depending on whether there should store books, whose weight is therefore simple trinkets or the resistance of the shelf becomes paramount. If the recommended weight criteria are not met, the shelf may be in danger of collapsing and possibly causing damage or, more serious, personal injury. Also, the wall mounting system is essential. It must be in adequacy with the weight which will have to be supported by the shelf.
  • The design: The shelf is not just a storage space intended to save space. Today, it is an object of decoration in its own right that must marry harmoniously with the interior. It may be interesting to choose a material that can be repainted later. This is to accommodate changes in the colors of the walls. The shape is also important. If a shelf is mostly in a flat shape, some models offer curvatures. They are usually only for book storage.
  • The location: for a shelf placed in an office, bedroom or living room, all models can a priori agree. But if it is a question of placing the shelf in a bathroom, it will be good to take one which does not fear the humidity (to avoid the wood which is not treated anti-humidity or the metal which did not receive an anticorrosive layer). As for the shelf placed in a kitchen, it must be easily washable in order to clean the projections of grease.

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