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Summertime Lawn Care in Texas

I live in an upscale neighborhood in Frisco. With many upscale neighborhoods, you’ll likely encounter a homeowner’s association (HOA). Keeping my house tidy inside as well as outside is at the utmost importance. During the summer, weeds tend to grow quicker. Before you know it, it’ll take over the entire yard.

During summer we normally take a vacation. We would be away for several weeks and sometimes a month. While away, there would not be anyone tending the yard. One summer we came back to a mailbox full of letters from the HOA because the weeds were not taken care of. This can be pricey because the HOA imposes a penalty fee for an untidy yard. This year, I decided to hire people for weed control. My neighbors recommended a few companies but said that it would be best to do a search online instead. Sitting at my desk, I got on my computer and searched for something like weed control frisco.

Of course, tons of listings came up, so I decided to go by reviews. It was important that they were reputable and come highly recommended through unbiased reviews. After all, they will be on my property while my family and I are away. I needed to be able to trust them in doing a thorough job. I made a list of the companies and tried each and every one of them out. Throughout the span of a couple months, one company would come, knock on my door, and wait until someone answered. If no one answered they would sit there for a moment chit-chatting and then leave. Another company would just come and start their work but leave the grass clippings behind. This wasn’t coming to a great start. I tried one more company and like the saying goes “third time’s a charm”. This company came and knocked on my door. They waited a few minutes then they started to work.

As I was observing them, they took great care edging the pathways. They were a group of three. One would be mowing the lawn, the other edging, and the other tending to the plants that were not doing well under the Texas sun. They would work in sections then move on to the next, each time cleaning after themselves. Once they completed the backyard, they moved over to the front yard. Again, one would be mowing, another edging, and the third tending to the plants and cleaning. By the time they were done, I stood in awe. It was remarkable how efficient they were. By definition, they had truly created a manicured lawn. They went above and beyond my expectations. As they were loading their equipment, I walked out to the front yard and they were surprised. They thought no one was at home. I fibbed and said that I was busy working and that I did not hear the doorbell.

They drove off and my neighbor walked over to me. “Oh, I’m going to need their number. They did a great job!” he said. I said, “I’ll give you their number and website. You can schedule service and make payments on there, as well.” “Terrific!” he added. My neighbor and I stood there looking at my yard, just smiling.

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