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The Benefits of Installing a Wooden Screen Door

How many years has it been since you remembered your childhood home’s screen door? If it hasn’t been until now, you’ll probably also laugh when you recall getting yelled at about a hundred times a day for slamming it. Today, wooden screen doors are still as useful as they were back then and still have that nostalgic sound. If you’d like to bring back your screen door days, here are four benefits to installing a modern-day version.

Pests Stay Outside

If you’re living without a screen door then you know you’ve got two choices: the heat or the bugs. Opening a door to let in cool air also lets in bugs and maybe even a bat or two. Most people choose the heat, but if you’d like to avoid this scenario altogether, installing a cedar screen door will keep the house fresh and cool and keep out unwanted guests.

An Extra Layer of Security

Installing a sturdy screen door will also add a layer of security whether you keep the door open or closed. When your main door is open, lock the screen door to take advantage of air circulation without worrying about someone walking in. When the house is closed up, the screen door protects your main entrance and gives the added safety of double locks.

Makes Summer Complete

That screen door you slammed every summer sure did serve its purpose, didn’t it? Kids are running inside and out of the house all day long during the summer and a screen door just makes sense. If you enjoy dining outside or have a deck, a screen door makes carrying food and dishes back and forth effortless.

Improves the Look of Your Home

Screen doors can be used on the front or back door of your home and make both areas look great. These types of doors give a certain charm to your home and can be left natural or painted and stained any color you like. Plus, you can pick out whatever hardware you’d like to use in making your door unique and all your own.

A Terrific Addition

A screen door is a terrific addition to any house. Whether you’re looking for some fresh air, added security or convenience, this type of door will provide all that plus more. You also get that infamous sound of a screen door closing and all the great memories that come with it.


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