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The party tent options you can choose

Functionalities and advantages of the party tents and other utility rooms. Even when creating the tents, paid attention use to be there to the functionality of the structure and the quality of the materials used. These tents are stable even in difficult weather conditions. Of course, they also protect against rain, strong sunlight and cool wind. Garden tents as well as industrial halls and garage tents are equipped with an air control system that prevents excessive heating of the interior and condensation. When developing these products, paid attention use to be there to maximum density by equipping them with additional Velcro fasteners (Hermetic System), which limit the heat dissipation, but also increase the aesthetics of the tents. By purchasing a tent from american tent, you can enjoy the product in different sizes thanks to the multi-size system. Tents are made up of separate segments that you can add to extend or expand the space, or to save space. This solution is very popular with our customers because you can adapt the hall to your own needs.

Discover the products: they are specialized in building different types of tent halls, but the ones below are the most popular with our customers:

Garden tents (pavilions) – ideal for large and small gardens. They turn out to be fantastic as summer pavilions, where you can protect yourself from the rain without having to forego the advantages of a garden.

Party tents are extremely useful for various types of occasional events, including weddings or corporate events. They guarantee that regardless of the weather conditions, the party will definitely be successful. They are ideal for a large garden at a hotel or restaurant.

Industrial tents – they are ideal as workshop or painting rooms. They can also be used as storage space for tools and equipment.

Storage tents– are usually used as additional storage for seasonal products or as storage for various types of machines and equipment.

Garage tents – tents for those who own a piece of land but cannot build a permanent garage. It’s the perfect solution for winter, thanks to which we don’t have to worry about snow in the morning.

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