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Things to expect from a waterproofing contractor

Every company performing the task of basement waterproofing in Toronto will have a long list of questions to ask before they start their job. The water problem in your basement is troublesome and a major inconvenience. For the homeowners, it is important to answer all the questions and get their property properly inspected to get the best solution. Here is a collection of some common questions that you may receive such as the time for which you have stayed in the house.

The question of how long you have stayed in the house isn’t just a conversation. Your answer will help the contractor measure whether the owner is aware of the history of their house or not. The longer the owner has stayed in the house, the better they can recollect the events. Basement waterproofing in Toronto also depends on the location of the house, the climatic conditions and landscape characteristics.

Frequency of the issue

How often the issue occurs will help the contractor inspect and identify the leakage causes. A lot of problems can relate to seasons such as water leakage during the rainy season or cold season. Sometimes, the issue can also take place because of an unrelated problem, so you cannot assume anything.


It is pretty simple. The location of the leakage on the floor or in the basement will help the contractor detect the precise source and obviously know where to offer their waterproofing solutions. It is important to be prepared. Hence, you should take pictures of the leakage as soon as you notice them. The location of the water present on the floor may not be the exact point of seepage. But chances are that the exact source will be pretty close.

Future plans

Rely on the contractor you choose for your basement waterproofing solution in Toronto. Another question you may likely get to ask is about your future home plans with your basement. Do you plan to use it as a family room, kids’ room, man cave in the future? Or do you want to keep it unfinished and use it for storage? The belongings you store are of great importance. What you plan for the future for this space will determine the type of repair the basement will need.

Past maintenance

Do not think of it as a judgment, but it is important to answer this question. How often do you as a homeowner mow your lawn or do landscaping? It will help the contractor know whether you are interested in DIY tasks or you want a maintenance-free lifestyle. Seepage may need consistent future attention and according to the orientation of the house owner towards maintenance, some have the ability to take care of their home and basement in the future, while others may require follow-up visits.

If you want to keep your home seepage free for long, the hire Waterproofing PD contractors. They will suggest measures as per the basement condition and your approach. They will provide the best waterproofing solution to you according to the questions asked and inspection done.

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