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Tips for maximising your bedrooms storage without compromising on clutter

Our bedroom is meant to be a safe haven. Somewhere you can go to at the end of a busy day and relax, somewhere you can read the paper with that first cup of coffee on Sunday morning or just somewhere you can hide from the kids for ten minutes of peace and quiet during a manic school holiday. Often though our bedroom gets overlooked. We decide to finish other rooms in the house first and before you know it your bedroom has become the dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home. No matter how big or small your bedroom is with some cleverness, sometimes out of the box, thinking you can maximise the space without having to compromise at all on clutter. 

Make sure you utilise the large space underneath your bed, either with storage boxes, vacuum packed bags or with some rolling under storage that you can pull out to access. You will be surprised at the amount of free space there is. If you are in the market for a new bed then try an ottoman bed. These clever designs allow you to lift the mattress with hydraulic gas lift arms and provide plenty of storage for clothes, bedding and books with easy access. If your bedroom is on the smaller size a futon bed that doubles as a sofa is an excellent choice also. If you are a headboard lover then opt for a modern headboard that has pull out storage cupboards or even use your bookshelf as a headboard for a modern twist. 

Do take advantage of all the unused wall space. It is excess space that would otherwise be left. Long gone are the days of clunky wooden shelves with heavy brackets. You can find some stylish, modern floating shelves easily online and they can make quite the statement piece in the room. You can now even purchase clever conceal shelves which, as the name suggests, appear almost invisible! Hanging shelves along the perimeter of your room not only adds a stylish element but also, no space is more unused that right below your ceiling! 

Don’t forget to hang mirrors on the walls rather than standing them on the floor. Not only does it give you more space but it has the added illusion of making the room appear larger. 

If you have the space then adding shelves along a wall and then adding a sliding mirrored door really does kill two birds with one stone!  

We all know that a radiator in our bedroom is a must, especially in the middle of winter but they are not the prettiest things to look at. A radiator shelf is not only aesthetically pleasing but when you purchase or make one with shelves you are adding much needed storage space. 

The average woman owns between seventeen to twenty seven pairs of shoes! That’s a lot of space to find in your bedroom! If you are staring at a pile of shoes and scratching your head then try making your own shoe rack by hanging rows of crown molding along a small section of wall. You have an instant shoe rack that blends into the wall, or you could paint it if you wanted some fun pops of colour. Not only will keep all your footwear organised but it is something fun and different too. Whilst we’re on the subject of women, as well as shoes, jewellery can also pose a big problem. Not only is it easy to lose if not kept organised and can become a mess of tangled knots, but it can also quickly take over your dressing table. Purchase a large cork board, add a lovely stylish frame and you have an excellent space for organising all your necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This can then either be hung on the wall or stood on your dressing table if the space allows. 

Years ago fitted bedrooms were old fashioned and took up far too much space. However a visit to the showroom of Fitted Bedrooms West Midlands will show you that is no longer the case at all. These stunning, modern masterpieces allow you to maximise your space whilst not having to sacrifice style. A lot of fitted bedrooms are made to measure and you can really put your own mark on it. You can choose how much shelf storage and hanging storage you require and really make it your own that fits your lifestyle and space. 

Try to remove large, bulky entertainment spaces from your bedroom. You will be surprised how much space these really do take up. If you do want a television in there then opt for a flat screen that can be bolted to the wall. To keep the wires organised then try clipping bulldog clips onto the side of your desk and use their arms to keep all the wires out of the way, organised and tangle free. 

When space doesn’t allow for a chest of draws, adding S clips to the rail in your wardrobe for hanging jeans and trousers is a big space saver. You can also use these to hang tank tops too! If you are struggling for storage space and your wardrobe is full, adding some sticky hooks to the inside of the door can help for storing coats, belts, towels, handbags or even headbands! 

Add some draw organisers inside of your dressing table draws. Many people just think draw organisers are for the kitchen but they can really be an added benefit in the bedroom for cosmetics and hair accessories. 

You can purchase some beautiful storage benches that for the avid reader would look amazing in front of your bedroom window and also give you the perfect place to curl up with a good story. Your books can be stored inside and would add extra seating to your room. 

You can see that it doesn’t matter how big or small a space you are working with or how much stuff you seem to have acquired of the years, by implementing just a few of these tips, you will have your bedroom organised and ready for that night of beauty sleep in no time!

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