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How To Open a Rooftop Restaurant

For many people, a rooftop is one of the most appealing places to dine. You get a beautiful view of the scenery and a relaxing (possibly romantic) display of the stars for added ambience. Here is some advice to help you build your dream restaurant.


If you plan to open a restaurant on a rooftop, it will need to be constructed in a way to carry the weight. Most roofs are not built to hold people, tables, chairs, a stocked bar, etc. There are a lot of factors involved in ensuring safety standards are met.

For example, you cannot just pour concrete directly on the surface of the roof to create the floor. You will need an elevated concrete deck to allow for proper drainage, which any normal roof would need to provide. Hire a structural engineer to ensure everything is built to code.


You will need the proper licensing and permits to ensure compliance with state law. You will need a business license and a food handler’s license to operate the restaurant.

If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, you will need a liquor license. Research the licensing requirements in your state as they may have additional requirements.


Marketing is often treated as an afterthought once the business is open, which is a mistake. Even while you are building and preparing to open the business, you should begin marketing.

This will build awareness and anticipation in the community. It also builds trust because people will begin to remember the name and location of your restaurant so that by the time you are open, they already feel like they know you.

If you have decided to put your entrepreneurial skills toward a rooftop bar, be sure you have a thorough plan before you begin any spending. Often, you can review your plan and find areas that need to be modified that may otherwise be overlooked. This will save you a lot of time and resources.


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