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How to Reduce Your Utility Bill

Utility savings can be quite the challenge, especially in the warmer and cooler months when it seems like as long as you’re home you will need to run your HVAC unit. The best ways to save money on your electricity bill is to turn off all items that are not in use, unplug any cords that are pulling energy for nothing, and get an energy savings evaluation from your electric company.

Turn Off Items

Things that may be running for no apparent reason can include lights in an empty room, a radio, a TV or even a stereo is auxiliary mode. All these things draw energy when they are powered on.Desktop Computers fall into this category as well. Even with the screen saver on, if the fan is still running to keep the computer cool, then you are drawing energy. Small energy zappers are included and those may be night lights or scented lamps that we must plug in. They don’t have to run all day long. Try to only use these items as needed. I tend to open my windows throughout the day and I don’t use electricity for light until the late evening. That allows us to use it for a few hours before we turn them off for bed.

Unplug Cords That Are Pulling Energy

It’s every convenient to have our cords plugged in already and just use them when we need to, however when we are not using those cords they are still being filled with electricity. It’s best to unplug them until we need them. Items such as phone chargers, laptop cords or even sockets with an on off switch. Turn them off and unplug until the moment you need them, a little may go a long way with energy savings. In my home it is easy during the week because there are less people home, but on the weekend we have a house full, so here, we would really benefit from free nights and weekends electricity.

Energy Savings Evaluation

Having someone come out to your home to evaluate your usage is a great idea. They can give you tips on what to keep your HVAC unit on to get balance in the home, they can also tell you when your peak electricity times are so you can kind of figure out what you’re doing to pull so much power. In my case, it would be the evenings that I pull the most energy because I must light up the house and then I’m also cooking dinner and doing work on my laptop. Lots of things that need electricity.

The best way to manage your utility bills is to know what you’re doing to use so much of them. Before you find out you can be on your way towards savings if you begin to turn off things not use, unplug cords that aren’t powering anything and then get the evaluation from your power company. Hopefully they find something wrong with your meter and you get a big credit. Wishful thinking, but in some states, you can qualify for an electricity discount if you agree to an evaluation. It’s worth a try.

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