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How To Winterize Your Irrigation System On The Fly

In our current day an age, so many aspects of home maintenance have been made so much easier by way of automation. The ease of our lives is certainly at the mercy of technology. Indeed, there are various controls that you, as a homeowner, can use to schedule and complete the basic upkeep of your many living spaces.

As a result, homemaking is as easy as buying a smart home. Even without a smart home at your disposal, things are much simpler and sleeker. Both the inside and outside of homes have benefitted from the many technology innovations we live alongside today. This includes, but is not limited to, the irrigation systems of today, most of which can be operated remotely, to say the least, and effectively function regardless of the size of the property on which it is being used. Big or small, with tech on your side, your home is in good hands.

However, the convenience of remote technology does, at times, necessitate some kind of hands-on maintenance, particularly if it’s to remain operational throughout the four seasons. As experts – like the ones at EZ Lawn Sprinklers – will tell you, winter is particularly problematic for automated irrigation devices. Here, then, are a few things to keep in mind so you can effectively prepare your sprinklers for the cold.

Turn Off The Water To Prevent Damage

If you let your sprinklers idle year-round, they won’t work. Plain and simple, they need to be activated and deactivated, appropriately. Winter’s many exigencies, more specifically, require that you adjust your water supply to prevent future repairs, which can be costly, especially if a burst occurs. In other words, disconnect your system from the mainline as soon as you anticipate the frosty season coming on. If the water is left to run its course, it will invariably condense to form ice and, in turn, cause complications for both pipes and valves. This can also lead to difficult-to-remove residues, once the thaw occurs.

Hire A Team Of Experts For A Thorough Job

For proper winterization, it’s important to pass pressurized air through one’s conduit system to get the water out of the pipes through the nozzles; this is also known as the blow-out. It can be tricky for many homeowners to do this one their own, and in many cases, you’ll need to make use of industrial strength air compressors. Professionals usually have this at their disposal – EZ Lawn’s team of experts can easily accommodate you in this regard. Professional installation and maintenance experts will have your lawn care regimen perfected in no time at all. No doubt, you can get optimal performance year-round, and also save on sprinkler repair so, when the summer finally arrives, you can get back into the blissful state of mind that comes with having a perfect lawn.

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