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Improve the Safety of Your Landscaping

Landscaping can make or break the look of a home. It can elevate even the most humble of houses to a higher status and can make the difference between a home that sells immediately and one that sits on the market for a long time. But along with being a beautifier, landscaping also needs to add safety to your home. Below are a few things you can check to make sure your yard design makes the most of both.


Lighting can highlight special features and definitely adds a flair for the dramatic to your yard. However, it can also illuminate an outdoor staircase or path, light the edges of a deck or patio, shine a light up into a tree where someone could hide, or shed some light on a hidden window. Check out the landscape lighting St Louis MO homeowners have installed to add a warm and safe glow to their homes.


Make sure all of your amazing landscaping is safe from falling hazards. Add a handrail along steps or porches. Make sure your automatic sprinkler heads are low enough to mow over but will not provide a depression deep enough for someone to trip and twist an ankle. Provide a way to reel in any hoses that are used so they are not laying out where they could trip someone.


A poorly placed tree can cause some safety issues. Planting a tree close to the house can not only obscure the view of the home, but as the tree grows larger, a sturdy branch leading to an upper window can be a means of break in for a would-be thief. Trees should be trimmed up sufficiently that no one can hide beneath them. Bushes next to the home should also be trimmed for the same reason.

As you plan your landscaping, keep an eye to safety as well as beauty. You can easily combine both successfully and enjoy a yard that offers the best of both worlds.

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