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Insulation Companies in Vancouver, BC

By installing the right insulation in your house or commercial building, you will help ensure that it remains comfortable during the hot summer seasons, as well as cold winters. It will also improve its energy efficiency and ultimately reduce your energy costs. If you want to enjoy any of these benefits and many more, there are renowned insulation companies that can provide you with unparalleled insulation installation, repair, replacement, fire-stopping, and even waterproofing services.

Insulation Companies in Vancouver, BC

If you are based in Vancouver, BC, you will find insulation companies that are renowned for providing quality, durable and budget-friendly insulation, fire-stopping, and waterproofing solutions for residential and even commercial buildings. Their knowledgeable insulation specialists are always up-to-date with the current insulation requirements in BC and are able to provide topnotch solutions for your new building or an existing one. If you are looking out for reputable spray vapour barrier companies to meet your insulation and waterproofing needs, experts from these insulation companies can help. They have specialized in:

1. Spray Foam Insulation

These companies have a lot of experience in providing topnotch spray foam insulation solutions for different residential and even commercial clients. They normally offer a range of great quality spray foam insulation products that are sourced from some of the most reputable manufacturers. Their products are characterized by:

a) The use of top grade products
b) Short lead times
c) Clean and efficient work
d) Excellent quality control
e) Strict adherence to the industry quality and safety standards

2. Fire stopping

These companies are also certified and accredited fire stop specialty contractors that are proficient in commercial, multi-family, as well as industrial projects. They normally install quality fire stopping systems that meet the applicable fire stopping codes. Moreover, their projects are always handled promptly with excellent quality control measures in place. If you need professional installation of efficient fire stopping systems on your property, these experts are the people to call.

  1. Waterproofing Services

Reputable insulation companies in Vancouver, BC are also renowned for providing the best waterproofing solutions for different kinds of buildings. They can offer complete water-proofing services for below-grade foundation walls, as well as shot-crete blindside excavation applications. They can provide you with quick and professional services for:

a) Blindside Applications
b) Damp Proofing
c) Drainage Mat
d) Rigid Insulation
e) Liquid Applied
f) Bentonite Sheet Applied

4. Spray Foam Roofing

This is a unique type of insulation that is ideal for those buildings that have metal roofs, like industrial buildings, warehouses and many other huge flat-roof structures. Here, high-density weatherproofing coating foam is normally applied to the roof. For instance, spray foam replacement roofing, in particular, is an easy, affordable and effective solution for replacing any aging tar and gravel roof.

The insulation contractors have also specialized in providing the best spray fireproofing solutions for different types of buildings. The best part is that all of their insulation solutions are not only efficient but also eco-friendly and, hence, good for the environment. Moreover, they will also boost the building’s energy efficiency and ultimately increase its value. If you need excellent services for professional insulation or spray vapour barrier companies in Vancouver, BC, these experts are just a phone call away.

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