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Insulation Companies in Winnipeg

spray foam insulation

If you would like to ensure that your Winnipeg home is properly insulated, there are well-established insulation companies that can meet your needs. They have well-trained and skilled insulation experts that can install insulation in your new house, remove old insulation from your home, and repair or even replace the existing insulation. Whether you need fiber, wall-injected or spray foam insulation in Winnipeg, these experts can assist you. They normally provide:

1. Spray Foam Insulation in Winnipeg

In case you need Winnipeg spray foam insulation experts to skillfully install spray foam insulation in your home, these insulation experts can help. This is the kind of insulation that will enhance the comfort of your home, while making it energy efficient at the same time. The insulation is normally sprayed into susceptible areas, providing a very tight seal that will shield your basement, inner walls or the attic from either frigid winter winds or condensation. It is a powerful and durable insulation option that is able to act as a great moisture barrier and mould deterrent.

2. Wall Cavity Insulation

If you have uninsulated wall cavities, chances are that most of your domestic energy will be wasted, significantly affecting your energy costs. However, injecting insulation into your wall cavities will significantly boost the energy-efficiency of your home. Here, a special type of loose-fill cellulose insulation material is normally injected into the wall cavity in order to provide quality insulation, as well as great resistance to combustion, corrosion, insects, mould and wood decay. Moreover, this type of insulation will also enhance the comfort levels of your home.

3. Fiber Insulation

This is another very effective type of insulation that is mainly comprised of recycled materials that are treated for pest and fire resistance. It is a low-cost, energy saving and environmentally-friendly insulation solution that provides outstanding thermal resistance. Moreover, fiber insulation is also water resistant and is able to maintain its insulation power for a very long period. If it is properly installed, it will not deteriorate or settle.

4. Condensation & Ice Damming Solutions

During winter seasons, frozen water tends to accumulate on structures, causing condensation and ice damming problems. Ideally, you will find large amounts of snow accumulating on the roof and this tends to melt quite quickly whenever there are slight weather changes. To avoid water infiltration or ice damming problems, the insulation contractors can provide you with the right kind of insulation for your house.

The contractors have many years of experience in helping homeowners and different businesses with their insulation needs. Moreover, before embarking on any insulation project, they will assess your building in order to establish areas that need to be insulated. If you need Winnipeg spray foam insulation specialists to help you install spray foam insulation on your property, these contractors can help.

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