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Looking for the ‘best architects’ in your city, IDprop can come to your rescue…

‘Owning a house’ is one thing that remains a distant dream for many people. However, those who are able to accomplish that dream believe that buying a good plot/flat/individual house in a good locality is just the beginning of a new journey. You might have a vague plan about the design & other architectural requirements, but you need ‘expert advice’ and ‘best level of implementation’ so that your plan can be brought to reality. This is where an experienced architect can be a huge asset since an architect can play an instrumental role regarding the visual appearance of your home. An architect is an ideal person who can offer you expert insights w.r.t home design and combining your design requirements into a single package. Let’s look at the top benefits of hiring an architect

A deeper understanding of your requirements

The first & foremost job of architects is to understand the requirements of the client and getting to know about their lifestyle. Once they have a good amount of understanding about the client, they work on a blueprint to translate the requirements into tangible deliverables. They prioritize the requirements and assign deadlines based on the delivery schedule.

Design Planning

Based on the budget and requirements of the client, architects can work on the finer aspects of design. Design is a core ingredient as far as a home/flat is concerned. As architects interact closely with their clients, they have a good sense of understanding about the likes/dislikes of the clients as far as ‘Exterior Design’ & ‘Interior Design’ is concerned. They can suggest you best ideas about space utilization, integration of natural elements like plants in your home/site.

As an owner, you would be interested to have a false ceiling in your living-room or bed-room; only an architect can guide you about the feasibility. Architects plan all their activities keeping budgets, schedules, security, and other zoning requirements in mind.

Selection of right materials


Materials used in the construction of your home play an important role in its long-term durability. You do not want cracks in the walls, water seepage problem, and other durability issues within a few years of shifting to your new home. Such an issue occurs primarily due to the usage of cheap materials in the construction and an experienced architect can ensure that all the building materials are of top-notch quality standards.

This would turn out to be a huge relief in the long-term as you might not need to spend on fixing the construction issues in your home.

Negotiations with key stakeholders

It is a known fact that builders & contractors would always better understanding of buildings, raw materials than a house owner since ‘building/constructing houses’ is their business. When you purchase a plot to build your home or even a flat in an apartment, you might need to negotiate with many parties and apart from good negotiation skills, you should have in-depth knowledge about overall aspects related to the construction business. This is where skilled and experienced architects can bridge the gap since they have all the necessary skills required to transform your blueprint into a beautiful home.

How to find the best architect in your city?

Since best and top-notch architects in any city have worked on a variety of projects, they are in a position to provide you with suitable options. Suppose you are in Pune, how do you find the best architects in Pune? You can either ask your contacts and get references or go online and visit a reliable portal that can help you to locate the best architects in your city.

IDprop is a pioneer in this sector and it has the best architects in Hyderabad, best architects in Delhi or best architects in any Indian city on their platform. As a customer, you can view the architect’s portfolio and contact him/her for initiating the discussion. IDprop is like a ‘Yellow Pages’ for anything related to interior design, architecture and it is your go-to site when you plan about any architectural work.

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