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On Eliminating Mice in Illinois

The mouse is a very destructive and unhygienic animal. If mice invade your home and they can and will enter any home that emits warm air through an opening as small as a dime. When mice infiltrate a home, their destruction begins. Their natural tendencies are to gnaw and tear wiring, insulation and drywall destroying the elements that make up a comfortable home. Along with the destruction, they bring disease, contaminating your air and possibly your food. One way to stop this is to seal home to prevent mice st charles il.

Make Your Home Less Accessible to Mice

To stop mice from making your home their new residence, eliminate the entry points they can access. Remember, they can enter through holes as small as a dime. Usually those holes are around the holes made for water or gas pipes leading into your home. If you compactly stuff steel wire around the pipes, plugging up the holes, the mice will no longer have an entry into your home. Be sure to seal any openings that lead to entry into your home. Also, screen the openings or vents around your chimney and the caulking and weatherstripping around windows and doors whenever it is missing.

Mice Create Unhealthy Environments

Mice carry disease. As they explore your home, they leave behind droppings, urine and saliva. Each form of excrement carries germs and may carry dangerous diseases. At least two of the diseases they carry can be fatal, the Hantavirus and salmonella. Other diseases carried by mice are the plague, leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. Some people develop respiratory problems as a result of being exposed to mouse excrement. The exposure can also lead to food contamination, the spread of bacteria and allergic reactions.

The Alternatives to the Mouse Trap and Poisons

If you want to avoid discarding dead mice or having a home that smells of decomposition due to a dying mouse hidden in a wall. Avoid using the unpleasant mouse trap or poisons. Identify where the mice are and use alternate methods to eliminate them. Try repellent sprays that irritate mice causing itching or a burning sensation. Having a house cat will naturally deter mice from entering your home.

Get Rid of Mice in your Insulation

To get rid of nesting mice in your attic’s insulation, use “Pest-Proof” insulation. For homes already infested, get rid of the contaminated insulation by hiring an exterminator. The exterminator will remove the infested insulation while wearing a respirator, proper clothing and gloves. Always remember your best remedy for a mouse problem is a pest control professional.

Getting rid of germ carrying mice is the best way to make your home comfortable because it will be more hygienic and safer without the destructive pest. In some instances, mice have started house fires by chewing into the electric wiring. Eliminating a mice infestation preserves the value of your home, but most importantly it keeps your home free of pest transmitted germs and viruses.

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