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Pest Control Misconceptions – What’s Your Choice? DIY or Professional Pest Control?

Finding pests in or around your property is never fun, and dealing with them is even worse. In Australia, there are all sorts of common pests that can pose threats to someone’s home or business, including rats and mice, cockroaches, ants, bees and wasps, termites and many more. Each one of these insects and vermin bring with them their own unique impacts, some of which are really serious for the health and wellbeing of both your property and those inhabiting it. From illness to extreme property damage to environment harm and more, there are many negative impacts that pests can have.

While lots of people automatically turn to residential pest control experts to get rid of their infestation immediately, others opt to treat the problem themselves using do-it-yourself methods of various types. This may include setting your own traps around the house, buying pest control sprays and solutions, attempting more holistic remedies such as essential oil pest-aversion tactics, or something else. While both DIY solutions and professional assistance can provide viable solutions, one is generally seen as superior for the results that it brings. Can you guess which one?

If you guessed that seeking professional help was a better option, you’re right. Homeowners have a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to prevent or manage pests on their own, as well as what professional pest control entails. This can significantly hinder their ability to effectively get rid of pests in their home or other property. So to clear things up, we will address a few common pest control misconceptions to get you on the right track and ensure you can make a well-educated decision on how to approach your infestation situation.

  • “Professional pest control is overpriced”. Yes, hiring someone to eliminate your infestation will cost you money. It will probably be more money than treating the problem yourself. However, you must think about the quality of service you are getting and how effective it will be. Many people attempt to control pests themselves only to end up having to call a team of pest control technicians anyway when the efforts don’t work. When you hire a professional, you are also paying for experience and personalised advice for your unique situation that can result in a better outcome.


  • “A few bugs or mice won’t hurt me.” You may think that the creatures scurrying around your home are harmless, but this is often not the case. Many pests carry diseases that can be transferred to humans- Especially when they get in contact with your food or other consumables. Certain pests can also compromise the structure of your home or items in it, such as clothing, furniture, home appliances or even electronic devices and wires. They also contribute to agricultural harm when left untreated. To eliminate your risk, it’s recommended that you address signs of pests as soon as possible.


  • “The problem isn’t bad enough yet.” If you have only seen a few spiders around, it may seem like taking action to remove them is premature. However, often times, just a few pests are a sign that more are near. Perhaps there is a nest nearby containing eggs that will hatch soon. Maybe there are more creatures around that only come out when you’re away or asleep. Some pests are nocturnal and some are very good at hiding themselves; that doesn’t mean you should avoid the issue. Instead, treat it as soon as you see it. Even if the problem hasn’t escalated yet, taking proper precautionary measures will ensure it doesn’t reach a tipping point.


  • “Professional pest control methods are harmful.” One common reason why homeowners might embrace a DIY method of pest management is because they want to embrace a more natural approach. That being said, not all professional pest control technicians utilise harsh chemicals and unnatural treatment styles. If you are looking for a company devoted to you and your family’s safety, don’t worry. There are many reputable exterminators out there who prioritise health and wellbeing when putting together a pest treatment plan. Simply do some research to find a pest control expert whose practices you can trust.


Any pest control company can tell you that people who aren’t in the industry have a lot of false ideas about what goes in behind the scenes and what pest control actually entails. That being said, hopefully these four common misconceptions can help provide a bit of clarity on the process and what to do when you face a pest problem.

If you are going to try out an at-home pest control plan that you developed yourself, it is highly encouraged that you do lots of research beforehand. Perhaps you would even want to seek advice from a professional company even if they aren’t performing the services themselves. This could help you at least ensure that you are doing everything correctly.

Otherwise, skip a step and turn straight to the experts to remove the pests from your home immediately. One note to make is that just like DIY initiatives require heavy research, so does determining which company to hire. Perhaps this guide to Selecting a Pest Control Service can help make the decision a bit easier.

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