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Quick Facts about Smart Heating and Lighting for Your Home: What You Should Know

Smart gadgets are fast becoming the norm, and there has been an upward trend in the use of smart gadgets such as smart heating and smart lighting controls in recent years. These so-called ‘smart energy systems’ allow homeowners to control their home’s electricity and heating, even when they are away, and it’s no wonder they have garnered a lot of attention considering the convenience they bring. But what do you need to know about smart energy systems, and how can they really help you? Here are some quick facts about smart heating and lighting for your home: what you should know.


The basics

Everyone understands that smart energy systems such as smart heating and smart lighting allow you to remotely control your home’s energy usage by allowing you to adjust your thermostat and turn your lights and appliances on and off when necessary. With a system like this, your home’s energy will not be wasted.


How smart thermostats and heating systems work

Wherever you are in the world, if you have smart heating controls, you can easily turn off the heating simply with the use of your smartphone or another mobile gadget. This is a real convenience for those who have to travel regularly – but it’s also a big convenience even for those who simply have to go out to work for the day. There are even some smart thermostats which allow you to set a variety of temperatures for each room, and there are some systems which let you remotely control hot water as well.


Some of the more advanced monitors can also turn off your home’s heating if they detect that there is no one home or use the weather to determine what the proper temperature in your home should be. With smart thermostats, the possibilities for more efficient energy use are endless.


How smart lighting systems work

There are different kinds of smart lighting systems which allow you to control your home’s lights whenever you are away. You have the option to purchase a smart light kit where you can set up individual light fittings for more customised options for lighting in a particular room, but you can go a step further and install a complete smart lighting control system which can incorporate smart dimmers and switches which can work through an app on your smartphone for more flexibility in lighting control.

But if you really want to go all out and enhance your home’s energy efficiency as well as its security, you can take it to another level by installing a complete smart home system. Smart home systems incorporate everything you can possibly think of: from boiler and heater monitoring to temperature and lighting control, security control; flood, fire, carbon monoxide and gas leak detection, and more.

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