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Rodent Infestation Often Leaves Property Owners Feeling Defeated

The fight with rodents can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle between good and evil; Although rodents are not evil per say, the destruction in their wake leaves many property owners feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Considering the alarming rates that rodents reproduce, they can very quickly take over agriculture, barns, homes, and businesses. The time to address a problem is not only if you see a rat or mouse, but if you only see their droppings or damages. In rural areas, rodents are a common problem that often needs extermination. Even in populated areas such as New York or Los Angeles, rodents scurry about looking for their nesting spots.

How Do Rodents Become a Problem So Quickly?

If the problem is not addressed, rodents can cause a variety of health issues. They carry many diseases, bacteria, and parasites that can cause a whole slew of new issues. A single female field mouse can produce up to ten litters per year at an average of around seven, and she is only pregnant for around 20 days. Each litter produces up to fourteen young, with an average of around eight. If you take just the average numbers, that is fifty-six mice within a year for just a single mouse to produce. Now, take that number and multiply that by several, because it is unlikely there is only one female. Again, multiply for each of the females that she gave birth to. As you can see the numbers can quickly overtake any area quickly if the problem persists.

You Spied a Mouse: Now What?

Prevention is the best way to keep the problem away in the first place, although that is not always successful. Always store dry goods such as dog food (rodents love pet food!), rice, grains and other goods in rodent-proof containers. Storage bags and plastic is not appropriate for rodent-proofing, they will eat right through the bags, and if you have ever left a loaf of bread on in the pantry that was obviously half eaten by a mouse, you know first-hand the chewing power of a mouse. For a thorough evaluation in Texas, contact a rodent control dallas specialist who can come to your property, and inspect for rodent infestations. They will be able to give pointers, tips, and tricks as well as eradicate the problem.

What to Expect When Considering an Expert Evaluation

There are many methods used by professionals to control rats, mice, and other pests. The method used in your circumstance depends on your location, the type of rodent, and the severity of the problem. Rodents take up shop in the basement, within the walls, and even inside your sofa! They can literally chew through wood, sheetrock, and building materials as easily as we drive a car. They can destroy family heirlooms, furniture, and upholstery as well as contaminate your food supply. Take steps to rid your home or business of rodent pests before it becomes a major infestation

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