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Signs That You Require Water Heater Repair

Few homeowners give much thought to their water heater until the unit malfunctions, and they are treated to a freezing shower on a fateful winter morning. Luckily, water heaters seldom break down without notice; they often provide you with some tell-tale signs of their looming demise. You will, therefore, want to be on the lookout for common signs of a cranky unit, which might also save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Unusual Sounds

Water heaters typically collect a lot of mineral residues on their heating elements during their lifetime, with such sediments settling at the bottom of the tank. Consequently, you may experience crackling, popping or rumbling noises emanating from the unit as the water is heating up. Such noises are often indicative of an overworking water heater due to the damage caused by the sediment. It’s, therefore, imperative to engage a plumber and have them flush your unit, which ought to be done at least once a year.

Lack of Hot Water

This is the most obvious sign of a defective heater; if the water isn’t hot, there’s a problem.  If you’re using a gas unit, your problem could be rectified by simply relighting the pilot. In the event that your unit is electric, consider inspecting the circuit breaker. If none of these do-it-yourself methods work, you could be dealing with a worn heating element, defective unit due to sediment build-up or a faulty thermostat. This is where specialists offering water heater repair las vegas nv come in handy, to provide you with accurate diagnosis and restoration of your unit.

Discolored Water

If your unit is producing reddish-brown water, there are two possible culprits, a rusty tank or corroded pipes. Either way, you will want to consult with a seasoned plumber to establish the cause and perform the necessary repairs, or even replacements. Water heaters come with an aluminum or magnesium rod at the top known as an anode, which is tasked with protecting the inside of the unit from corrosion. The anode should be inspected at least once a year and replaced if it appears rusty.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are prevalent water heater problems among homeowners. It’s essential to address leaks with expediency because they can cause mold growth or even foundation problems. Leaks are often caused by excess pressure or a faulty valve. It’s important to have your unit inspected by a skilled plumber to determine if the culprit is the tank itself after developing a crack. Also, ensure to have the TPR valve regularly inspected lest your water heater explodes from excess pressure. Heaters are essential home appliances that ensure that your showers and sinks produce hot water.

Recognizing when your heater requires repairs can save you the trouble of taking cold showers on a chilly morning and the need to incur hefty replacement costs down the road.  However, a water heater that’s racking up more repair bills than necessary should be replaced to cut down your losses. If you have reasons to believe that your water heater requires repair, contact a plumber for accurate diagnosis, repairs or replacement. These technicians will also offer you invaluable advice regarding the best maintenance practices for your unit.

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