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Tips to Avoid Scam Duct Cleaning Companies

While there are some professional and reputable HVAC cleaning services, we cannot run away from the fact that there are scam HVAC cleaning companies, as well. When you are not keen on the company you hire to perform Calgary duct cleaning in your home, you run the risk of being the newest victim of scam tactics that some companies have perfected.

Below are some tips to avoid getting scammed when working with a Calgary duct cleaning service.

Full Service

You should never settle for just any duct cleaning service. Ensure that the company will provide you with a full cleaning of the HVAC system. This way, you will be sure they have done a thorough job.


Before you choose a duct cleaning company,you should ask for references in your local area. Get to learn what your friends got for a certain amount of money and whether they were happy and satisfied with the services provided. You could also read through reviews to get a feel for the quality of services offered.


While choosing a company, always perform a comparison test. Get estimates from about 3 HVAC cleaning companies or more. You will notice that the prices of the services vary as does the services offered. But, be that as it may, reputable services will provide you with free inspections and an estimate.

Speaking of inspection, a company that presents you with an estimate without inspecting your HVAC system is not professional and is probably out to scam you. The price of service offered depends significantly on the extent of cleaning, the type of system you have and other factors. As such, generic pricing and estimates are not possible in this line of work. And note, the inspection should be free.


The relevant authorities should certify the company you choose in your area. The authorities have set rules and standards for HVAC companies to meet. These protect you the client and ensure you get nothing but quality service. A company without the certifications means it is not vetted and does not provide assurance of quality. Additionally, without certification, these companies cannot be insured, and as such you lose out on warranties and claims arising due to the company’s negligence.

Verify the Results

After the company has completed the cleaning process, you should ask for a visual inspection of the work done. This could either be in person or by using a remote camera. Whichever method you choose for verification, ensure that the ducts are squeaky clean. Also, inspect the insides of the HVAC system before you pay for the service rendered.

Avoid Steam Cleaning

Do not settle for any cleaning method that involves the use of moisture and steam. The effects on the system will be huge and irreversible.


As a homeowner, it is your business to ensure that your home is clean to afford your family an easier breathing environment. One of the ways to ensure this is to have the air ducts cleaned regularly. While you are looking for the best company to handle the cleaning process, pay attention to the above tips to avoid landing a scam company and losing your hard earned money in the process.




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