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Use These Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Space Great Again

There’s nothing quite like entertaining at your place. Having all your friends and family swing by for a barbeque or get-together around the fire is exactly what you’ve always pictured. With party season in full swing, there’s nothing that can stop your shindig from being the event of the year — except a poor outdoor space. Why sit inside when you have an awesome recreational space right out your backdoor? All you need is a little bit of yard work and a few simple tricks to make your lawn look great again.

Party Time Is Here!

Fall weather is the prefect excuse for your next shindig. With holiday season on the way and the hottest months of the year behind, there’s no better time to play host. Halloween is responsible for more than double the amount of parties than any other holiday. Awesome costumes, a ton of candy and football nights combine for the perfect entertaining storm. And parties are made all the better by being able to show off your gorgeous lawn and landscaping.

Almost 200 million Americans throw Halloween parties every year. Spending is over $9 billion for the holiday, and you can bet a chunk of that is used for home maintenance. So, if your outdoor area isn’t in great shape, you’re not alone. With almost 70 percent of party hosts spending money on decorations, there’s more than enough room in the budget for your grounds. You’re also going to need a quick turnaround to get it there. Believe it or not, that’s easier than you might think.

No Pests Allowed

Nothing spoils a party like bugs, and if you haven’t kept up on your landscaping, you can be sure they’ll be out in hordes. The only remedy is getting professional lawn pest control. Other landscaping problems are easy to handle, but with the allergies and sickness that mosquitos, roaches and ticks can spread, there’s no reason to take a chance. Call the professionals, and have your lawn sprayed for bugs. It’s affordable and downright necessary. You’ll be happy you did when your guests are commenting on how lovely your outdoor space is.

Dress up Your Yard

Think your brown spots and dying shrubs are detracting from the real beauty of your house? Time for some good old misdirection. Grab a few wooden planter buckets and hanging baskets to bring color back into your yard. Make sure you don’t forget to spread out your decorative touch either. Line the driveway with lawn ornaments and don’t be afraid to utilize a nice boulder or large stone. Be sure to add enough decorations to keep everyone’s eyes on the best parts of your landscaping. Opt for a nice mix of neutral and bold colors while offering a little variety in the process. Just because you dress up your front yard doesn’t mean you have to feature tacky flamingos and kissing Dutch statues. Fun, playful signs and wooden features will do the trick.

Life Is All About Variety

Add a water feature, an outdoor seating area, a hammock or a stone garden. Just do something to break from the familiar. You can even do this with plants. Instead of sticking to the traditional look, mix in shrubs, perennials, annuals and dwarf trees. It’ll make for a great change of pace. There are plenty of options for your environment, and you don’t even have to pay a landscaping company to get the job done for you. Finding a good mix is as easy as searching online for compatible species in your area. After that, head to the store, and pick out the colors you like most! Introducing a blend of greens, yellows and reds can spice up your home’s look for fall without costing you a fortune.


Making your outdoor space the talk of the neighborhood is as easy as implementing a few of these tips. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for the easiest possible solution, this list will guide you to a great exterior and even better conversation about it.

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