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Various Types of Walk-in Shower Enclosures

One way to transform your bathroom’s appearance is changing your bath tub. Remodelling to include fitting in a shower will make bathing more comfortable. Knowing the various bathroom enclosures helps in choosing the best. The type of shower enclosure you choose dictates the difference. Here are the various walkin shower enclosure types.

Pivot enclosure

This type of shower door is fitted at the corners. This type of door only requires a limited space for clearance.  This is unlike other doors that take up more space. This is the best solution for bathrooms that are smaller in size, as it saves a lot of space. This is because the door will rotate inwards a bit. Installation of the pivot enclosures can be done in the centre, or on the left or right side. This helps to allow better space for entry into the shower.

Bi-fold doors

These types of shower doors use a concertina movement to open. This type of door does not need a lot of clearance for opening. The bi-fold doors are also suitable for small bathrooms. The little space used leaves room for fittings such as a towel rail. There are various styles of bi-folding doors. They range from reverse doors with twin-handle doors to swing-out designs, among others.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great addition to a large bathroom, adding elegance. They allow easy entrance and exit. They also provide a wider entrance and need no clearance area. The cubicles are available in large sizes, so when you love luxury get a sliding door shower.



Quadrant enclosures

This is a shower design that is designed for the corners. They are mainly two-sided and feature a sliding door. This helps in maximising space in the shower. They are available in various sizes. Choose the best size that works for your bathroom depending on the space available.


This is a shower enclosure that has a five-sided design. It is also designed for corner installation. Its door has a straight pivot design with two glass panels on each side. When space is the main challenge in your bathroom, this is the perfect solution. The angles of this type of shower help to bring out the sophisticated look and design. The glass it is made from is tough as it is made to stand wear and tear.

When buying the right shower enclosure, look for one which offers easy cleaning, is long lasting and affordable. Also, it is important to ensure that the installation of your walk-in shower enclosure is done in the right way, so consider hiring a professional installer with plenty of experience. This guarantees the best outcome of style and design.


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