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Various Ways to Save on Home Heating Costs in Fall and Winter

If you’re interested in finding ways to save on energy costs, look no further than these various methods for keeping your heating costs low.

Money is tight and you can probably find a myriad of things you’d rather spend it on than keeping your house warm in the fall and winter.

So take these ideas under advisement before you adjust that thermostat and incur more expenses than necessary. Quarles Propane and Oil Heat understands that you want to heat your home but you don’t want to pay extravagantly for the privilege. These tips can help you find a happy medium between the two.

Bring the Sun Inside

When the sun rises, it provides us with essential light and heat each and every day. Using the sun to your advantage as a source for heating your home is a great way to save some green on your heating bills.

The trick is to gauge when the sun is at its highest and most potent, then open your window coverings to let only the most direct sunlight into the rooms that face the sun best.

When the sun sets, be sure to close those drapes and blinds to keep that warmth within your home without losing it the same way in which it entered.

Check Those Seals

One of the reasons most homeowners find themselves paying exorbitant heating costs is due to the fact that their home is letting all of that warm air seep out into the cold world.

So as the seasons change do a thorough check of all the seals around your doors and windows to make sure that the heated air you’re paying for isn’t escaping and making you run your heating system over time.

Hot Water, Warm Air

You’ve noticed how your bathroom can get all humid and steamy when you’re taking a shower or running a bath. Use that to your advantage for heating other parts of the house as well.

Any bathtub or shower stall filled with hot water should remain that way until the water cools down. The heat from the water will rise and flow through the closest rooms, offering warmth and even some humidity that can make those dry winters a bit more manageable.

Switch on the Ceiling Fan

Any home that has one of these should be using it as a way to lower heating costs. That’s because it’s an ideal way to evenly distribute warm air all throughout the house.

But before you just flip it on and wait for the air to circulate, you need to turn the blades over so that they point up instead of down. That way they can reach all of that warm air that’s moved up naturally to the ceiling and is getting trapped there without any recourse for distribution.

If you have to operate your heating system, using your fan to move the air throughout the room will help you to shut the system off earlier than later.

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