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2021 Bathroom Trends

If you love to keep up to the latest fashions and trends when it comes to your home interior and bathroom style, you’ve landed in the right place. We are here to show you the top trends of 2021 and exactly how you can transform your bathroom into a modern-day luxury, introducing metallics and greenery to modern luxe, we have THE styles for you, keep reading to delve into the luxury we have waiting.


Are you a fan of brushed chrome or antique brass? Introducing metals into your bathroom is certainly one trend to look out for this year. There is something extremely luxurious and timeless about adding natural, earthy, yet classical materials into your bathroom at home. The benefit of having raw materials in your bathroom interior, encourages a lengthy, timeless design that will simply never age. Consider introducing a brass tap and matching basin for the real country feel.

Modern Luxe

If minimal, modern, luxury is more your style, you can incorporate this into your bathroom. We all know how important a clean and clutter free bathroom is, therefore introducing a clutter free interior design such as a modern luxury can really add the wow factor to your bathroom, not to mention a clean, sleek finesse. As part of the modern luxe décor, you can incorporate beautiful, focal point lighting into the ceiling, above your baths or on your bathroom walls. Consider something luxury like the light featured in the image below, a white marble back panel with a matt black metal cage and beautiful black knurled lamp holders.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Colour Combos

Looking for fresh colour duo’s can be difficult so doing your research is the best place to start, we have outlined some beautiful, on trend colour palettes for you to choose from:

  • Neutral and Olive / Sage
  • Royal Blue and Gold
  • Pink and Blue
  • Pink and Gold
  • Black and Neutral
  • Pink and Grey
  • Orange and Green


2021 is certainly the year to get creative and we have spotted some exquisite designs that can entirely transform your bathroom. A very easy design to achieve is the dots! We’re talking extreme dalmatian print, not convinced? Here us out…

Bold repetitive prints are set to take over the UK bathroom trends this year, being an incredibly quick transformation using just one small pot of paint. This design looks chic, funky, and beautiful, not to mention adding a touch of character and personality.


Every bathroom welcomes greenery. There is a real focus on mindfulness and relaxation in bathrooms that incorporate greenery. You can even introduce a self-watering wall of plants, placed adjacent to your shower head, allowing the plants to get a subtle watering each time you take a shower. These are particularly welcoming in walk-in showers and free-standing baths.

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