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3 Tips for Finding Your Decorating Style  

While we all long for the beautiful magazine looks for our homes, decorating a house can be quite overwhelming. Lots of people struggle with decorating their homes, and it’s quite understandable. Some just aren’t sure what their style is. Others know what they like, but can’t quite figure out how to coordinate it. If you’re looking to decorate a new house you’ve just moved into or spruce things up in your current place, here a7re a few tips to help you along the way.

Take a scenic drive

If given the choice between the beach and the woods, which would you choose? When you and your partner decide to take a drive, what sort of scenery are you drawn to? The type of locations you prefer could actually say a lot about your decorating style. For example, if you love the beach, you would probably really enjoy coastal decor, but if you prefer the rugged outdoors and mountain terrain, you might lean toward the lodge look.

Also, pay attention to the houses you admire when you drive through your neighborhood. Do you prefer the large columns of a colonial style house, or does your heart melt at the sight of a well-groomed craftsman? Home exteriors also have their own styles, so if you find yourself constantly swooning over one type of home, chances are that’s pretty close to your decorating style for interiors, as well. While you’re out, be sure to stop by some local shops like a tile store or an antique shop to get a feel for the types of textures you’re most drawn to.

Make a design scrapbook

The most fun way to discover your style is to gather images you like and look for a pattern. You can use Pinterest, magazines, or sites like Houzz that put spreads together for you. Start with parts of decor like kitchens or windows. Don’t be afraid to tear your favorite pics out of your magazine and if you can, print the online images you like, as well. Narrow those down to your absolute favorites and look for a theme. If your eye seems to be consistently drawn to neutral tones and clean lines, for example, it’s possible you have a taste for modern decor. Once you do start decorating, it’s a good idea to begin with one particular item and take things from there. For example, you might start by shopping for some Hunter Douglas window treatments. From there, the rest will then fall into place.

Take inventory of your closet

What you wear probably says more about your decorating style than any other factor. Check out your wardrobe and look for a theme in colors or textures. If you wear a lot of bright colors and bold patterns, you probably won’t be happy with a minimalistic design in your home. If, on the other hand, your clothing consists of mostly solid colors and well-tailored lines, you might find bohemian decor in your living room would make you cringe. Start with what you’re comfortable with and compare looks you like from perusing your design scrapbook.

Putting it all together

Looking at all these elements together should give you an idea of colors, textures, and themes that you like. And you don’t have to choose just one. Shabby chic is an example of a style that has sort of culminated from a variety of styles including French Country and English Cottage, so don’t be afraid to mix styles that you like. You might even find that your style revolves more around a particular color scheme than a type of furnishing, and that’s okay, too. Beautiful styles can be born from sticking to one color palette and not paying much attention to the style of the pieces used.

The main reason to find your style is to make shopping easier when redecorating. But don’t get hung up on one style if you think another piece would go perfectly in your home. Style preference is a very personal thing, and your home should reflect your personality. Most importantly, have fun! If decorating becomes a chore, your design choices will reflect it.

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