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5 Ways to Modernize Your Home

Are you looking for ways to update and modernize your home without full on renovating? Here are a few relatively simple and cost effective ways you can upgrade your home and make it completely fresh and current:

Upgrade Your Bathroom

If your bathroom looks dingy and outdated, you can easily update it without having to renovate the whole room, which can get very expensive. Simply installing a standalone sink can elevate your bathroom and give it a touch of elegance and sophistication. These standalone sinks by Badeloft are made of high quality stone resin that have a natural and refined look. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all feature sleek and modern designs.

If you have the luxury of extra space, you may want to consider installing a freestanding tub instead or as well. Nothing is more luxurious and indulgent than a beautiful freestanding tub that you can soak in and relax after a long day at work. Badeloft freestanding tubs are made from the same high quality stone resin as their sinks, and the same beautiful, modern lines and curves.

Update Your Paint Color

Changing the color of your walls can instantly transform your home and give it a whole new look. For a fresh and modern vibe, choose understated neutrals like ivory, pale gray, or shades of taupe and beige. These look beautiful when contrasted with dark wood and furniture.

Another modern color trend you can try is monochromatic. Consider painting your walls different shades of one color, and getting furniture and accessories to match. Play around with textures, patterns and fabrics in your furniture to add visual interest even when everything is in the same color family.


Modern style is all about clean lines and minimalism. You can’t achieve this look if your home is cluttered and messy. Set aside some time to give your home a good general cleaning and to get rid of excess furniture and junk. This is a good time to set aside those books you never read that are gathering dust on your shelves, those clothes you never wear, and consider donating them to a shelter or secondhand shop.

Get rid of useless items and knick knacks that you no longer need and that are only taking up space and creating an eyesore in your home. Remember that less is more when giving your home a modern and updated look.

Change the Lighting

Like paint, lighting can dramatically alter the atmosphere in any room depending on how you use it. For modern and energy-efficient lighting, swap out your old incandescent bulbs for new LED ones, and consider strategically installing dimmers in certain rooms like the living room and dining area. Invest in new fixtures to update the look of your home, and choose lamps and lighting fixtures with sleek, clean lines and minimalist designs.

The color of your lights is important too. Stark white lights can be harsh and come off as cold and uninviting, while warm yellow lights create a comfortable, cozy and even intimate atmosphere.

Replace Outdated Gadgets and Appliances

Nothing ruins the look of a modern home more than an outdated appliance from decades ago. Consider replacing your refrigerator and cooking appliances with sleek, stainless steel ones, or invest in a new wall-mounted flat screen TV for your living room. Remember to stash the remotes neatly out of sight; again, clutter looks out of place in a modern home.

These are relatively easy ways you can modernize your home without breaking the bank. If you are on a very tight budget, just declutter and choose one other tip (eg. updating your paint colors or changing the lighting in your home) and that should already be enough to make your home look decidedly more modern.

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