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Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Do you remember how you felt when you first said yes to the home that you are living in now? Do you remember what it was about the house that called out to you, letting you know that you were in the right place? Is the honeymoon between you and your house now over? Well, it is time to fall back in love with the place that you call home.

Put your imagination into it and truly reclaim your house as the place where life blooms and unfolds for you and yours. Even if you put your own personal touches on your home when you first moved in, tastes change over time. If your home has not kept up with the evolution of you and your family, then update it and fall in love with your home again.

It’s true what they say about all work and no play

The feeling of being in love with home isn’t reserved for those who have just moved in. If you’ve grown bored with your house, then it is time for an entertainment overhaul. It’s time that you get the man cave, arts and crafts room, or office that you have wanted for years. It’s time to turn the family room into a gathering place that is entertaining for the whole family.

One way to bring the fun back into your home is completing basement renovations to convert a part of your space into an in-home movie theater or gaming room. Get a projector that you can connect to a Blu-ray player or gaming system, get a few theater seats, and place a mini-fridge and snack rack down there. It’s not as expensive as it may seem, and your family will be eternally grateful for your making your house the coolest one on the block.

It is so easy to get caught up in things that are considered more practical like home maintenance. However, it is important that you feel at-home when you’re at home. If you’ve recently finished up a major project such as repairing your roof or replacing old appliances, then add some fun to your house as a reward.

Make your kitchen the heart of your home

Your kitchen is much more than a place where you prepare meals. It is the place in your home where love is put into action. If your kitchen is outdated, then it is time to make it the heart of your home again.

If you find yourself running out of counter space a lot when you are cooking, then add an island to your kitchen. You will get extra storage place for pots and pans as well as extra counter space when you’re cooking. Also, it could serve as a breakfast table for your mornings on the go and even a place for your children to do homework while you prepare hearty meals.

With so many kitchen ideas to choose from, an interior design company such as Karin Ross can help you to navigate and weigh your numerous options. It is the love that goes into the preparation of food that makes it a meal, and loving your kitchen makes each meal that much more memorable.

Have a house rewarming

If you have recently finished major renovations or home improvements, then have a house rewarming. It is a great way to celebrate your accomplishment and reintroduce your family to your abode.

Rather than have people bring you gifts for your home, you could send them away with something they’ll appreciate. Memberships to direct-to-client clubs make great gifts for coffee lovers, avid readers, and women who are into cosmetics.

The most important thing to remember is that home is where the heart is. Make sure that when you are redecorating your home to let your heart show through. Home isn’t just where you live, it is an expression of you and your family.

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