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How to Successfully Merge Vintage Furnishings with Other Design Styles

Many individuals love finding vintage pieces that they yearn to place into their homes. Antiques have been popular for centuries, and vintage furniture is often crafted exceptionally well. Antique furniture is again making a huge comeback. More homeowners today are mixing their favorite and timeless vintage furniture with more modern design styles like contemporary and the newer Scandinavian home furnishing styles. Purchasing older furniture that is still in good condition is a worthwhile investment for consumers of all ages and backgrounds. These exquisite pieces of art can often be found at yard and estate sales for next to nothing.

Anyone can learn how to successfully merge together vintage furnishings with other design styles. Before spending a hefty price on a vintage piece of furniture, it is best to investigate the background of the alleged antique. There are antique dealers able to recognize authentic pieces from clever imitations. This sort of buried treasure can often be found at flea markets, sold by owners online or in someone’s attic. Since older furniture is generally crafted out of real materials, they typically hold up for decades even generations. Buyers of antique pieces of furniture can even refurbishthem by reupholstering the chair or sofa with newer materials.

Many art and antique collectors adore french antique furniture for its exquisite workmanship detailing and opulent material choices. The French have long been fashion icons and trend starters for centuries. Their expertise and style sense in fine furniture styles have made these antique furnishings coveted by many around the globe. Those interested in acquiring one or more of these fabulous French made furniture selections should be on the lookout for some specific details that help to identify this style of furniture. These furniture pieces often have beautiful and elaborate scrolling details carved into the glossy rich woods used in the frames.

A popular French style furniture choice is an antique desk crafted by fine craftsman known for their meticulous attention to small details. These gorgeous desks can be found with luxury additions like a marble desk top, ornate brass engravings and solid wooden designs using authentic oak, popular, walnut and beech. Bronze was also used extensively in this furniture style, and wood marquetry and gilt bronze details were prevalent during this era. Drop-front secretaries, incredibly lavish chaise lounges and airier cane chairs were all the rage during the Regence era in 1715 to 1730.

Today, top interior design artists are adding stunning French antiques into their designer rooms that often include luxuriously decorated furniture standards. To pull this decorating trick off, it is essential to provide balance. This furniture style tends to be more extravagant and elegant with rich upholstery choices and gilt overlay finishes. Keep the rest of the furniture a bit low-key with colors and other details so as to not overdo the look. Leading trends in hot decor styles has designers using French antique furnishings blended with traditional, mid-century modern and country casual interior design styles. French antique furnishings will always be stylish.

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