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Three Different Looks for Subway Tiles

It was way back in 1904 when Heins & La Farge designed the classic rectangle from which the subway tile was born. Since then, the subway tile has never lost its style or functionality. You will have seen these tiles in kitchens and bathrooms up and down the country – and for good reason. Subway tiles are the perfect kitchen backsplash tiles for many, as they offer a timeless design, which won’t have to be ripped out in a few years.

So, what looks are available with subway tiles?

Classic White

This is the most popular and well-known subway tile color. They tend to be quite affordable and are either made of high quality porcelain or ceramic, depending on your preference. The classic white tiles are excellent for retro styled kitchens, which offer a minimalist design. Sometimes the subway tiles can take a back seat and allow other decorative parts of the kitchen to take center stage, such as the cabinets or even the windows.

To give your classic white subway tiles an edge over other kitchens, why not arrange the tiles in an edgy pattern such as the “herringbone”. People are often drawn to the excellent visual effect it offers, whilst still retaining the look of the subway tile is known for.


If you are looking for something different and a little more modern, why not use metallic subway tiles? The crisp shiny metal offers a great alternative to the clean white look of the white subway tile. We’d recommend you create a pattern when installing these metallic tiles for the best effect.

Metallic tiles are available in a wide range of colors, such as:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pewter
  • Copper, and many more…

Stainless Steel

Lastly, why not consider a Stainless Steel look? These tiles are easy to clean, which makes them long lasting and extremely functional. These tiles are perfect for making a striking design that people will remember. At BelkTile.com, there are a wide range of flat and embossed steel tiles available for sale, so make sure you take a look at them.

We’d recommend you go ahead with these tiles if you want a modern look, but you still want to have elements of a traditional look. If you decide to use stainless steel tiles, make use of steel accents and high-tech lighting to create a kitchen to remember.

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