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Tips for Purchasing a Gun Safe

If you own a gun, you are responsible for securing it whenever you are not carrying it on your person. Guns are investments and should be protected against fire and theft with high-quality gun safes Decatur. A solid gun safe will also prevent unintentional firing and injuries in the home.

Gun Safes, Lockers and Cabinets

While gun safes secure weapons against fire and theft, lockers are typically susceptible to fire. However, lockers tend to be significantly lighter and are great options for those who live in apartments or store weapons on upper floors of homes. Gun Cabinets are not safes. They do not secure your weapon against theft or fire.

Where to Start

Start with the safe. Find a steel safe with enough insulation to protect your weapons against a high-temperature fire. Make sure the door is rigid and has added support around the edges to keep it square and strong. Then, look at the door jam to ensure it is strong and airtight. Finally, look at the bolts and hinges to ensure they are made of quality materials and are sufficiently strong to prevent burglary. Then, evaluate the locking mechanism.

Make sure your safe maintains a continuous temperature to prevent corrosion in your weapon.

Storage Space

Your safe should be large enough to hold all your weapons, and it should have slots where your weapons are secured, so they don’t move around in the safe. In addition, a good safe will have adjustable shelves.


Your gun safe should be professionally installed into your home. A thief should not be able to pick it up and haul it out on a hand truck. Therefore, it should be bolted to the foundation and framing of a home. Also, place it in an uncommon, low-traffic and hidden area.

If you have guns, consider investing in a high-quality gun safe.


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