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Tips to Remember When Tipping Your Painter in Ancaster

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Tipping professionals shows your appreciation for a job well done, as well as your generosity. Many professionals expect to be tipped, including waiters and taxi drivers. However, house painters in Hamilton do not expect to be tipped. As a matter of fact, receiving a tip for them is more of an exception than the rule. But, they will accept and appreciate the extra income. Jobs for house painting in Ancaster may be seasonal and sparse, which contributes to making the phenomenon of tipping house painters in Hamilton a rare occasion. If you are reading this, you want to know for sure if you are obligated to tip a house painter right? The below guide will respond to this query.


First, you should note that there are persons in specific industries that expect to be tipped on a regular basis. Some of these professionals include movers, hairdressers, waiters and gas station attendants. While house painters in Hamilton offer you a service like any other, it is not expected that you should leave a tip. Whether you give a tip to the painter handling the house painting in Ancaster or not, it is entirely about personal preference.

Reasons Why Some People Tip House Painters

There are numerous reasons as to why one would do this. At the very top of the list is to show appreciation and reward someone for completing the given task before the set deadline or completing it with results beyond one’s expectations. You might also decide to tip because the project is completed during the holidays. It is not easy to be away from family during a holiday – it is a huge sacrifice, and giving a tip shows your appreciation. Tipping a painter encourages him to be all the more vigilant.

Guidelines to tipping

Yes, believe it or not, there is a standard amount you should give to a service professional as a tip. This amount should be about 20% of the project cost. You can, however, choose to make this percentage lower or higher depending on how you loved the service. On the other hand, you can also decide on a flat rate to appreciate the painter.

If you feel giving them extra money is not for you, you could provide your house painters with some cold refreshments (anything of their choice) while they work on your house.

Some complications that may arise

While tipping may just be a sign of your appreciation, it may come bearing some negative consequences for some painters. Some contractors have policies against employee tipping. Most of them see it as some form of payment for some extra service rendered, while avoiding paying the company’s approved rates. Contractors may also be expected to fill out extra tax forms in the event they are required to distribute the tips to painters.

When you think about it, tipping is great, and the painter will be happy. However, you should ensure that you are not breaking any rules by tipping your contractor. You would not want to get him in trouble.

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