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4 Tips for Choosing an Industrial Lubricant

Industrial lubricants are a key component in keeping equipment functioning properly. Choosing the right industrial lubricant for your application can help reduce the wear and tear on your equipment. Consider these four tips when choosing an industrial lubricant.

  1. Temperature, Speed and Load

The temperature your industrial lubricant Richmond VA will be exposed to will determine the base oil type you will need. Operating speed will determine the viscosity. The additive package you will need will depend on the load, vibration and moisture of the operating environment.

  1. Frequency of Lubrication

Whether the equipment will be lubricated at regular intervals or maintained for life will play a large role in determining whether you should use general-purpose or synthetic specialty lubricant. Equipment that will be regularly lubricated does not usually require a synthetic or specialty lubricant that has been optimized to last for extended periods. Equipment that will be lubricated for life can often benefit from the decreased evaporative loss, reduced friction and wear, improved efficiency, chemical stability and extended drain intervals of synthetic or specialty lubricants.

  1. Ease of Use

Different equipment requires different application methods. You will want to choose a lubricant that can be applied effectively to your equipment. For instance, if you are lubricating a part that is easy to reach, an aerosol spray or grease that can be applied by hand may be appropriate. However, for more difficult to reach parts, you may want to consider using an automatic dispenser.

  1. Industry Standards

If you are maintaining equipment that is standard for your industry, you may be able to look to industry standards for guidelines on the best lubricants to use. You will also need to be aware of any restrictions regarding hazardous materials that may limit your available choices.

Industrial lubricants help keep your equipment operating efficiently. Choosing the correct lubricant for your application can help you get the most out of your equipment.

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