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5 Tips on choosing the right door handle for your property

When decorating or improving your house the right door handles for your property it is not usually the first thing on most people’s list.  If you take time and care in finding the right door handles these details will show.  No matter how big or small your project is whether you are decorating or completely renovating your home choosing the right door handles can make a big difference to the overall look.  There are so many different door handles to choose from so there is plenty of choice.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right door handle for your property.

  1. Make sure your door handles will match the décor the room in which is it being used in. The attention to detail here is a key point.  Whether your style is traditional, modern, contemporary or your own unique style.You can get plenty of colours of door handles to compliment your rooms and decor.  Some people have different doors on floors of their home and others prefer the same style doors and finish throughout.   There are many shapes and sizes of door handles, and many different uses too.  From door knobs, levers and safety handles.  Door knobs can be traditional in style and décor but not easily opened by children or some elderly people.  Levers are more modern in look and style but more difficult to childproof.
  2. Think about the purposes and uses of the room which you need to replace the door handles for. Whether you need it for safety or ease of use, the door function should be considered here.Neil from Handle Trade said “There are a few types of door handles, such as a passage lock set which is for doors, hallways etc.  Privacy lock set that is used for a bathroom or a door that needs privacy.  Keyed entrance lock which is for interior and exterior doors using a key.  Dummy handle which is for show only and not functional. You can also get sprung or unsprung door handles.  Which one you choose here would be dependent on which door you intend on using the door handle on.”
  3. Measurements are very important when choosing your door handles too. Be aware that some doors are thicker than others so make sure before you order your door handles that they will fit. Make sure you know the measurements before you purchase them to get the correct ones.
  4. Consider your budget.Set your budget and choose what design you would like. Always try and buy the best highest quality door handles you can as will not want to change them for some time.So, choose wisely and make a good investment.
  5. If you are selecting door handles for front entrance doors then security including mortice locks need to be considered here. Also think about the material that you will use as some are better than others against the weather.  Chrome, stainless steel and nickel are better for the elements than say brass.

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