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Best Ceiling Paint Colours That Go With All Décor Elements

While painting your home, do not just focus on the walls. The ceiling is an equally important part and is often considered the ‘fifth wall’. The colour of your ceiling has a huge impact on the overall interior design of your home. Hence, you must not choose the ceiling colour randomly. The best option at hand is to choose a colour that complements almost all types of home decor designs. As a result, you do not have to repaint the ceiling every time you renovate your home. If you are not sure which colours you must choose for your ceiling paint design, here are a few examples:

01 of 05 A white ceiling

You can never go wrong with white. It is the most popular ceiling paint colour in contemporary house designs. One of the primary reasons for choosing white is that it blends in perfectly with almost all types of decor. Also, white reflects more light and makes a space appear brighter. You will not require additional lighting fixtures to keep the interiors well-lit during the daytime. This will help you to save more energy and reduce your utility bills. Further, white creates an illusion of depth, making the room appear larger than it is. Hence, it is ideal for small rooms.

02 of 05 A yellow ceiling

White is subtle and does not attract much attention. On the other hand, yellow is quite bright and attracts your eyes. If you want a ceiling paint colour that stays highlighted, yellow is the ideal choice. However, you must keep in mind that a yellow ceiling looks better with subdued walls. To keep the ceiling highlighted, choose colours like grey or other neutral colours for the walls.

03 of 05 A brown ceiling

A brown ceiling is not one of the most common ceiling paint designs but it certainly helps in enhancing the interior design appeal. It is best suited for larger rooms because it makes a room feel smaller. That does not necessarily mean a bad thing. A brown ceiling will give your room a cosy and calming vibe. Also, you can create a more inviting atmosphere with a brown ceiling to make your guests feel more comfortable. However, a brown ceiling may not look good in every room in the house design. Choose a brown ceiling for rooms like your bedroom or living room.

04 of 05 A blue ceiling

Choosing the colour of the sky for your room’s ceiling can be a great idea. Blue is one of the most common ceiling colours. Depending on your preferences, you can either go for darker shades or lighter shades. While dark blue can create a vibrant and warm environment, light blue is ideal if you want a calm atmosphere. Consider lighter tones if the room is small.

05 of 05 A red ceiling

If you want a dramatic and vibrant ambiance, consider using red for your ceiling. It will have a huge impact on your interior design and can completely transform any dull room into the highlight of your house design. However, you have to ensure that abundant natural light is available during the daytime. Also, you must install sufficient lighting fixtures to keep the room well-lit during the nighttime. A poorly lit room with a red ceiling will appear very unappealing. To ensure that the wall paint colours are complementing the red ceiling, only choose colours like off-white and grey. Also, you do not have to necessarily choose a bright red tone for your ceiling. Bring down red’s tone for a more understated effect.

Easy tips to choose the perfect ceiling paint design

  • You do not have to worry about using neutral colours. They will not make your room appear dull and boring.
  • Before selecting the ceiling paint colour, choose your furniture and furnishings. This will help to ensure that the ceiling colour complements them.
  • Make sure that the ceiling colour is complementing the fabrics used in the room. It should look good with the curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers, upholstery, etc.
  • Research various ceiling designs on the internet and take inspiration from them. Look for interior designs that are similar to your home interior designs.

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