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Crucial Questions to Ask as A Real Estate Agent When Selling A Home

While nowadays, people have a lot of information about selling and buying homes because of the vast amount of knowledge present on the internet. Still, finding an excellent agent is still a big hassle, and there are a lot of things you need to consider.

Although getting some recommendations from friends and family is a good thing, still meeting and interviewing an agent on your own is an important thing. As may be something that suits your friend may not suit you, or maybe you are looking for something else which is not in the present in the one your friend recommended.

There is an array of things that you need to ask an agent that can help you determine whether he is the best match for you. Nowadays, it has become easy because a lot of agents are now under the custody of big companies like Nobul Corporations that help you find your best match.

Here are some important questions that you should surely ask your Agent:

How Much Time It Will Take to Sell My House?

Ask your agent how much time will it take? Well, the most common answer, according to the studies that the agent mostly gives their customers, is that it depends. Mostly it depends upon the location of your house, the condition of your house, does any repair is needed, or on the listing price of the house. Finding a good potential buyer depends upon all the above factors, and if you have an agent who has all the right strategies, then there is no doubt it won’t take that much time.

What Are Your Marketing Strategies?

Marketing strategies of the real estate agent are really important. As he is going to be representing you and your house and having a clear and definite strategy is a must. Ask him if he is going to take some professional pictures of your house? Will he be offering staging advice? Can he share any previous marketing strategies that helped in selling homes etc.? Nowadays, every agent to the real estate companies like Nobul provides you with their plan and strategies that they will use or previously have used.

What Type of Sales Plans You Have?

You should always ask the agent to provide you with a written sales plan. A sale plan mostly includes all the marketing strategies, his listing plans, other strategies to attract buyers, and plans show how he is going to use social media to represent your house. It will help you determine what your agent’s plan is and how much work he has done.

What Is the Worth of My House?

Before listing your price, ask the agent what he thinks that your house’s worth is. Most of the agents provide you with a price that is according to the present market. He will suggest a price that is more comparable to the buyers.

Is It the Right Time to Sell My House?

This is an important question. You can sell your home whenever you want, but of course, there are months when selling is easier, faster, and profitable. Nowadays, agents or companies like Zillow provide you a full-on guide about when is the best time and best month to sell your home.

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