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How to create a Scandi-inspired bathroom

If you have been out in the cold, the opportunity to return to a bathroom more like a spa must be irresistible. Nordic bathrooms combine spacious elegance with the occasional dramatic statement to create an immensely appealing style. Luckily, Scandinavian-influenced bathrooms no longer have to be restricted to those living in Nordic countries.

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You do not necessarily need to make major changes to your bathroom to transform its overall atmosphere. Here are just a few ways you can recreate the Scandinavian effect in your own home.

Higher counters

Most counters are not designed at the optimum height for an average person. If you have it at 90 centimetres/36 inches instead of the standard 81 centimetres/32 inches, it will be more comfortable for you to use. You can always keep a step handy for smaller children.

Floating vanity

That step can be stored underneath a floating vanity. If the cupboard holding your sink is between 20 and 30 centimetres off the floor, it will give your room as a whole a more spacious feel in addition to potentially providing extra storage.

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Wall storage

Shallow cabinets on the walls can provide useful storage for smaller items without taking up too much space. They are easy to access and look good. Having a mirror on the front is also a stylish and practical addition.

Column radiators

Column radiators are another item that can attach to the walls for maximum efficiency. Suitable for all designs of bathroom from the traditional to the modern, you can have your pick of the many available colours. You can visit Apollo for a selection of column radiators if you are interested.

Remove the bathtub

Another way to improve the space is to remove your bath and just have a walk-in shower. It can be comfortable and elegant. If the bath is something you cannot do without, you can still ensure it is situated in the best position to not spoil the rest of your room while you are still able to relax.

Matte or shiny?

It can be hard to decide whether you prefer matte or shiny finishes in a room, but you do not have to choose. A predominantly matte room will seem more natural and perhaps even casual, but a few shiny details (such as chrome taps or rails) can add a sophisticated touch.

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