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Repairing and Improving Your Florida Condominium’s Marina

When a Florida condominium’s seawall or docks are in need of repair, they can sometimes go unaddressed for far too long. Boards and management may prioritize other building improvements when they determine how to spend reserves or when to levy assessments. However, keeping your marina in good condition is imperative to be prepared in the event of a hurricane. Moreover, it’s essential to remain in compliance with state requirements.

State Regulations

Most marinas are bound by right of use licenses and easements with that state of Florida that require them to adhere to guidelines about maintaining the premises in good condition. In addition, the Department of Environmental Resources Management has strict regulations governing the operation of marinas as well as requirements about the distance between piles, lifts, and floating structures.

Repairs and Improvements

Find a company that specializes in Florida marine construction to get an estimate about how you can bring your condominium’s marina into compliance. When you get a quote to prepare a bid analysis for your board, it may be helpful to try to include information that addresses different scope of work scenarios. If you’re concerned about room in the budget for all of the work that needs to be done, try including information about the minimum scope of work to bring your docks and piles into compliance in addition to information about the full scope of work that can enhance the quality of your marina aesthetically.

Value Enhancements

Whether slips or owned and owners pay maintenance or whether slips are rented by the foot, you have to keep the area in the best condition reasonably possible. Moreover, a condominium’s marina is a revenue-generating asset for the entire membership. When it’s possible to purchase or rent a boat slip on site at a building, it makes purchasing there a lot more attractive to many prospective purchasers.

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