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Transform Any Room In Your House With Removable Floral Wallpaper

You should be aware that wallpaper with a large pattern visually reduces the room. In the event that you have a small room, take the trouble to pick up  floral wallpaper with small and rare patterns. Visually, your room will become much wider. Do you dislike too large spaces and do you like coziness? Then your choice is striped wallpaper but in my opinion you must choose the small prints that visualize more in space…. Namely, in a vertical strip. Wallpaper with such a pattern will make the room less voluminous, but the height of the ceiling will visually increase. Why am I focusing on using removable wallpaper instead of paint? It is fresh for long lasting and easy to remove when you want to change the interior.

This rule also applies to walls with vertical patterns. The height of the ceiling visually grows from such patterns. We can say that the walls seem to increase, and the gaze is directed in one direction – strictly vertical. Conversely, horizontal stripes make the room look lower. The width of the stripes also matters. Wider stripes prevent visual narrowing of the room. Solid light colored walls will also make your room feel more spacious.

Checkered patterns will give your ceiling a more solid, heavy look. However, the ceilings are visually reduced. If you are the owner of a small room, then bright and large drawings that contrast with each other are not for you. If you cannot do without bright contrasting colors, then at least concentrate them in one place. Visually increase space and diamond patterns… In a narrow room with high ceilings, it is not recommended to use the same wallpaper for all walls. There are different types of Floral wallpaper available according to room size and space and floral stick on wallpaper because of peeling off.

It is better to divide the room in height into three components. The first two-thirds will be with darker wallpaper, and the remainder will be lighter. There is such a pattern, the smaller the room size, the lighter and with a smaller pattern we select the wallpaper. A larger room should correspond to large drawings with rich colors. But make sure that the larger pattern matches the softer colors of that pattern.

Nerovnosti walls

If the walls of your room have sufficient irregularities, then it is advisable to apply wallpaper with a pattern on a spotted background. Such spots are sprayed on. But such spots are clearly not to the liking of fans of the classic style. Fans of monochromatic patterns should know that it is better to use such wallpapers only on a perfectly flat surface. In the country, as a rule, the walls sin with their irregularities, therefore, light wallpapers with a simple pattern are recommended for summer residents . Wallpaper with multi-colored patterns is perfect for rooms with various protrusions and irregularities. Visually, these protrusions will be less visible.

Now you know how to influence the geometric imperfections of a room with the help of wallpaper. Low ceilings, small spaces are no longer a problem, because the right color and pattern will reduce these flaws.

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